Everything You Should Know About Days Gone

There are a lot of reasons to get excited!

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April 26 is just right around the corner so, before our official review, here are some things you should know about Days Gone for those of you who are still on the fence about getting the game (or the hype hasn’t bitten you yet)!

Disclaimer: This is information based on some early footage and gameplay. The final, finished product might vary.


1. The game is being developed by SIE Bend Studio

If the games Syphon Filter, Uncharted Golden Abyss, and The Resistance for the PS Vita ring some bells for you, it would delight you to know that this game was made by the very same studio behind those great aforementioned titles. This is their biggest project yet as the developers have been at this game for 6 years now and they hope to deliver one of the best survival action games to date.


2. You play as Deacon St. John

A member of the Mongrels Motorcycle Squad, he is the main protagonist in the game. As seen in some early videos, he seems to still be dealing with the loss of his wife, Sarah, even after 2 years. Throughout the course of the game, expect to see flashbacks that will fully flesh-out this character.


3. The game is set in Central Oregon

Fun fact: Oregon is where Bend Studios was actually founded. Before city’s namesake, they were called Eidetic and the first console game they released was Bubsy 3D for the PlayStation One. As you would see from a triple A game, expect an abundance of quality and realism coming from this open-world game (aside from the zombie theme, of course). The region will have a diverse weather system which is normally felt in a northwestern state.


4. The story is set 2 years after the outbreak

Not much is known about the incident that happened in the area but it is safe enough to assume that things will unravel as the story progresses.


5. The zombies in the game are called ‘freakers’

Much like in The Walking Dead, where they were called “geeks” then eventually “walkers”, the undead in Days Gone are called ‘freakers’ and, based on some early gameplay videos, they seem to have some variety to them. Part of the charm and excitement coming from this game is that you get to destroy their “nests” and eliminate hordes (literally hundreds) of enemies coming at you at the same time.


6. There will be different types of ‘freakers’ in the game

Much like in The Last of Us and Resident Evil, expect some variations coming from these freakers. The most common one found could be the swarmers but expect some younger ones called newts and female-types called screamers. As to be expected, they behave rather differently from both the living and other freakers, so your method of approaching them may/should vary.


7. There are also non-zombie enemies

These human enemies, called Rippers, for some reason behave like a cult and worship these freakers to the point that they think the outbreak is a blessing to them. They like to mutilate other non-believers as much as they want to do it on their own bodies. Other enemies are called Marauders, who like to place traps as well as capitalize on what happened in their city.


8. Zombie parts are used as a currency in the game

Based on some early demos, zombie ears can be collected as you walk past defeated freakers and it is said that you can use them as a sort of currency (just.. why?) in encampments. More on this when we get the chance to review the game.


9. There is hunting in the game

Somewhat of a staple in many titles nowadays, hunting wildlife is a feature here and, as you would think, is necessary in survival and trade in this world. Expect a variety of animals that you can encounter, which leads to the next point in this list…


10. Animals in the game can be infected too

Would you look at that! Apart from people, wildlife can get infected too. Expect the local flora and fauna to go against you as wolves, crows, and even bears are some of the things you need to worry about aside from the un-living.


11. Expect to get creative in crafting

Part of surviving in Days Gone is how to utilize what the world gives you. Deacon has a wide range of things he can craft in terms of variety and these can be done via an item wheel which you can use during gameplay. Here, you can make stuff like curatives or even an old favorite the Molotov Cocktail, which is commonly used to disturb nests in the game. As you can see in the image above, there is some sort of a canister attached to the gun that Deacon is using… A silencer of some sorts? Expect to get creative here.


12. Deacon’s Motorbike is a character on its own

Most of the exploration to be had in the game is with the use of Deacon’s trusty ride, called the Drifter. As with any other precious possessions, there is some maintenance to be had with this beauty because you can upgrade it in various ways – both in form and function.


13. There is a deep skill tree in the game

Most of the experience points that you gain will be allotted to various skills that Deacon can hone which can be, but not limited to, stuff like tracking, crafting and combat. You can even get XP in various ways like doing stunts with your motorcycle. Awesome.



What do you guys think? Excited? Days Gone releases on April 26 exclusively on the PlayStation 4. Check out our game review soon!