Mecha Mayhem with Super Mecha Champions Fighting its way to SEA soon! (Pre-Reg Up)

Let's get ready to (robot) Rumbbbllleee!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

Mecha on your phone? You betcha as NetEase launches its awesome anime-style mecha online combat game for your smartphones, Super Mecha Champions-High Energy Motor TPS or simply Super Mecha Champions.

With the popularity of robot-centric franchises the likes of Gundam, Evangelion, and various other spin-offs, it was inevitable for gaming developers to latch on to this genre and Super Mecha Champions, at least from initial viewing, ticks all the boxes – without making the gameplay uber complicated on the smartphone d-pad and controls.

From gameplay footage, the game plays like your typical battle royale where players are dropped off and have to find resources to survive. The addition of the quirky and hyper-colorful anime artstyle, weapons and mecha gimmick makes the game feel fresh and inviting to pickup from the get-go.

Contrary to the name, your character avatar starts off as a human pilot (or driver) dropped down to a city to scavenge for parts, bullets, armors and whatnot until you build your central meter to 100%. Once up, you can call down your mech for you to Pilot – that is if you survive long enough to do so.

But once on mecha mode, you can tear down places and foes with relative ease.

Super Mecha Champions will be made available to SEA markets soon and while it’s still not up on the Play Store, you can pre-register your account at and get loads of prizes once the game goes up!

Pre-Registration Reward Tiering, includes Mystery Mecha!

Expected to start from now until 05/23, the Pre-reg event encourages players to sign up to open up more reward tiers for everyone to enjoy. If it can reach the highest goal of 200,000 people, everyone will unlock the mystery Mecha when entering the game as part of the rewards pre-reg package.

  • Reserved Amount 10,000 Players: Coinx588
  • Reserved Amount 30,000 Players: Coinx888
  • Reserved Amount 50,000 Players: Alpha Tokenx188
  • Reserved Amount 100,000 Players: Mecha PB Cardx2
  • Reserved Amount 150,000 Players: Lottery Ticketx3
  • Reserved Amount 200,000 Players: One Free Super Surprise Mecha Unlocked

Anime Voice-Overs for more Anime Feels

Aside from the artstyle, NetEase jumped in on any and all anime feels for this game as they tapped talented Japanese character voice actors, Tomokazu Seki (Fate/Zero, Invisible Victory, Steins Gate, Persona 4) and Sato Rina (RAILGUN, Gundamn Breaker 3, Persona 5). If you’re a Persona fan, my dudes, Kanji and Makoto voice actors are in this game. WOW.

If you want something refreshing as part of your mobile games library, considering picking up Super Mecha Champions-High Energy Motor TPS soon when it launches.

For more on Super Macha Champions, head over to their official fan club page: