Something Magical This Way Comes — Vans x Harry Potter Confirmed!

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Muggles and the Wizarding World are in for a magical treat as Vans sets its eyes on one of the world’s most beloved franchises for their next collab –- we’re talking about the boy-wizard himself, Harry Potter!

Not much has been revealed and everything is still wrapped in lovely mystery, but you can bet your bubbly little butterbeer that we’re intrigued. So far, there’s no word yet on when the actual launch will be or what silhouettes will be used in this geeky collab.

But if past Vans collaborations are to be considered, we’re probably looking at a couple of Old Skool, Era and/or Slip-ons. Maybe a special piece here and there.



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Something magical coming soon:

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From the teaser video, Vans will  probably be using all 4 houses for this special project. So, if you still need to be sorted to the house that you want (remember, the sorting hat does consider what you want in its decision), there is a virtual sorting hat ceremony at Pottermore.

This is not the first time Vans collaborated with known IPs. And while they’re more known for collaborating with Rock N’ Roll bands like Led Zeppelin, Metallica and more recently David Bowie, they have touched up on making sneakers with more geeky IPs like Harry Potter, Marvel, Peanuts, Disney and even NASA. If you want to see a sample of a hyped-up capsule collection, here’s a video we did for Hypegeek, our off-shoot sneaker and lifestyle channel:

Here’s hoping that the Vans x Harry Potter release is as robust as the David Bowie one!
So, keep your galleons safe and prepare to make a withdrawal from Gringots when the time comes, we know we are!! Stay tuned to Ungeek for more news as this develops! You can also check the official Vans website for more details.