Spongebob memes now have their own collectible figures!

We want ALL of them!

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Spongebob Squarepants is easily one of the world’s most popular cartoons. Not only are the first few seasons of the series timeless classics, they’ve also been a massive source of memes! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll probably be familiar with memes such as Caveman Spongebob and Surprised Patrick.

If posting/sharing Spongebob memes on social media isn’t enough for you, here’s something that will definitely pique your interest. Alpha Group and Nickolodeon have recently revealed a series of eight-inch collectible figures based on various Spongebob memes.

The series includes six figures which you can check out here:

Imagination Spongebob


Mocking Spongebob


Caveman Spongebob


Surprised Patrick


Handsome Squidward

Each figure is priced at USD $22 (around PHP 1,148) and is available now on Amazon. There’s no word yet on whether this is just a one-off series or if Nickelodeon is planning on releasing more Spongebob meme figures. Though if you ask us, we’d definitely love to have more of these funny collectibles.