Tech brand AOPEN launches in the Philippines, brings new wallet-friendly gaming monitors

Here's another promising brand for budget PC builders!

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A new challenger has entered the Philippine PC market! AOPEN, a tech brand that specializes in high quality monitors at affordable price points, has recently landed in the PH. The brand was launched officially yesterday (April 25) where it showcased its lineup of models coming to PH shores.

The new monitors consists of three products lines, which are:

The MX1 Series

First up is the MX1 series consisting of the 21.5-inch 22MX1Q and the 24-inch 24MX1. Both monitors come with 1080p TN panels with 75Hz refresh rates and 1MS response times, plus they are AMD FreeSync compatible to boot.

Even with these features, the MX1 series is easy on the wallet. The 22MX1Q has an SRP of PHP 6,499 while the 24MX1 is priced at PHP 7,999.


The ML1 Series

Up next is the ML1 series which also consists of two models, the 24ML1Y and the 27ML1U. The ML1 series also pack panels with 75Hz refresh rates, 1ms response times, and FreeSync compatibility; this time though the displays are IPS. As for resolution, the monitors have 1080p and 1440p res respectively.

The 23.8-inch 24ML1Y has a price tag of PHP 8,499 while the 27-inch 27ML1U has an SRP of PHP 14,999.


The HC1 Series

Finally, we have the HC1 series. All three monitors in this line have curved VA panels with 144Hz refresh rates, 4ms response times, and FreeSync compatibility. The monitors in the HC1 series and their SRPs are:

  • 24HC1QR (23.6-inch 1080p): PHP 11,499
  • 27HC1R (27-inch 1080p): PHP 15,999
  • 32HC1QUR (32-inch 1440p): PHP 23,499


Consumer Series

While gaming monitors were the highlight of the launch, AOPEN also announced its line of consumer monitors. All of AOPEN’s upcoming consumer displays were rather noteworthy, given that they are priced ranging from PHP 3,400 to 4,650.

Interested in the new AOPEN gaming monitors? These new displays will be available in IT stores in the Philippines real soon!