The ASUS ZenPower Pro PD Powerbank will Charge almost EVERYTHING a Geek Needs

This can charge your phone, your laptop, AND YOUR SWITCH!

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At times, being a geek means having a LOT of technology with you. If you’re the type of geek who LOVES video games, gadgets, and the like, then you’ll understand the NECESSITY of having powerbanks just to make sure you never run out of tech juice. This also means carrying a LOT of plugs and MULTIPLE powerbanks just to be sure your devices are always up but, sadly, this also means… WEIGHT. Enter the ASUS ZenPower Pro PD Powerbank which looks to be the one powerbank you’ll ever need!

Citing my own situation as an example, I usually lug around a bag that has my laptop, a Nintendo Switch, and a phone. Due to that, I always carry the plug for my laptop, the charger for my phone, an Anker Powerbank (for the Switch), and another 20,000 mAh powerbank (sometimes two depending on how intense I foresee the day’s activities are gonna be) — all just to make sure my devices never fail me. Of course, that also means that there’s a weight burden that comes with all that and, at times, that burden becomes quite troublesome especially when it comes to looong amounts of time lugging around my things with me. However, I saw no way around it. The plug was for my laptop. The Anker powerbank was exclusively for my Switch (especially since there was a scare with non-Anker powerbanks bricking Nintendo Switches). The other 2 powerbanks was for my phones so that I could always upload content and use the internet. There was NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE… or so I thought.


I finally encountered the awesome ASUS ZenPower Pro PD. Let me get straight to the point – what sold me to this lovely piece of tech is that this baby could charge almost ALL of my devices! Sure, it could charge phones. I mean, great. That’s par for the course. But I was over the moon when I found out it could charge my laptop AND my Switch (YES! As of writing this article, we have tested that the ASUS ZenPower Pro PD does safely charge a Nintendo Switch).


With simply just saying that, the ASUS ZenPower Pro PD easily becomes my main Powerbank and can at least lessen all that gear weight burden I mention earlier. But let’s take a closer look at it, shall we?

The ASUS ZenPower Pro PD comes with all these cords that can help you connect it to your various devices. It also has both a USB-A and a USB-C port for charging and giving out power of up to 13,600 mAh. It is worth saying though that the USB-C port gets a lot more juice in/out of it. It’s also hella portable and lighter than your usual powerbank of this capacity.

One more thing I like about the ZenPower Pro PD is sort of implied already by the mere fact that it can charge a Nintendo Switch without issues – this thing takes A LOT of protective measures to assure that there are no negative effects to your devices when you do hook it up to the ZenPower Pro PD. Check it:

The ASUS ZenPower Pro PD is definitely a wondrous piece of tech and I’m glad it can help give users the power their devices need along with proper care! A worthwhile addition to your geek arsenal!