Game of Thrones finale trailer and first look pics inside, airs tomorrow

For the throne!

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With just a day to go before the finale of arguably one of the best series in television, everybody and their mothers will surely be tuned in to watch what happens with Daenerys, Jon, and the rest of the characters we’ve come to love. While others may be disappointed with how the season is turning out, surely no one can deny that this is definitely one episode that no one will want to miss. Peep the trailer for the finale below!

With King’s Landing up in flames after the onslaught led by Daenerys, it’s time to finally take the throne but some surviving characters may have other plans in mind. Will Jon take his place as rightful ruler? Will Arya pull off one last surprise? No one really knows and with a couple of more nights before we find out, take a look at a couple of photos from the finale to get yourself hyped.

Excited? Hyped? “Bitin”? Whatever your feelings are, this is the very definition of must watch TV so catch the season finale of Game of Thrones on HBO and HBO GO as it airs on May 20 at 9am with the replay on the same day at 10pm!