Marvel’s first-ever MOBA for mobile announced — Marvel Super War

And it's currently open for Beta testing!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

Avengers Assemble! Marvel announced its first-ever MOBA game for Android and iOS, Marvel Super War. The game is another collaboration between mobile developer NetEase and Marvel Entertainment, here they teamed up to bring together the Earth’s mightiest heroes in an all-out arena battle game where gamers can play as Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and many more superheroes.

The game will be free-to-play and will get a full release soon. Currently though, there’s an ongoing beta testing stage in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and India.

As for how it plays (in case you don’t play much MOBAs), players will get to choose between Heroes or Villains from the Marvel universe; and just like any other MOBA game, each team needs to push each lane to destroy the enemy’s main tower to win the match. While the whole game mechanics is pretty standard, Marvel’s preview focuses more on having a fair combat and balanced gameplay, assuring players there won’t be much power creep and fairer chance for everyone to win.

There are still no word yet for an official international release, but the beta version is expected to expand to other regions eventually this year.