Smart reimagines postpaid experience with new Signature Plans

Smart's postpaid plans are now made even better.

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Smart Communications recently unveiled the revamp of its postpaid offerings with Smart Signature. While it may seem like just a branding change at first glance, Smart Signature Plans offer a wealth of better features and plans.

With Smart Signature, subscribers are prioritized on the Smart LTE network. This prioritized network experience makes sure that subscribers enjoy consistent data to connect to their favorite apps, send messages in real time, and make uninterrupted calls – even during peak hours.

“Smart Signature is postpaid reimagined. This is our way of catering to a new generation of goal slayers who need a plan that prioritizes their needs while they are busy ticking off milestones in their career or life,” said Oscar A. Reyes, Jr., PLDT-Smart SVP and Head of Consumer Business Market Development.

Aside from a better overall experience, Smart’s new Signature Plans are now much simpler. The plan come in four sizes — Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), and Extra Large (XL) – with generous open access data allocation for data-savvy customers worry-free  unlimited calls to Smart, Sun, and TNT; worry-free AnyNet call minutes to PLDT landline and other networks; and unlimited texts to all networks – so customers never have to worry about connecting with family, friends, and colleagues on any network. Smart Signature also features Data Rollover so that any unused data for the month is carried over to the next month.

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