‘Dragon Quest Walk’ is a Pokemon GO-inspired Dragon Quest mobile game

Here's hoping it gets an international release soon!

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Square Enix recently revealed its latest entry to the ever-popular Dragon Quest series, and it’s a mobile game. The new game in the fantasy RPG series is entitled ‘Dragon Quest Walk‘, and it looks very much inspired by Pokemon GO, given that it’s an augmented reality mobile game.

Watch the preview video for Dragon Quest Walk here:


As the trailer is in Japanese, we couldn’t fully understand what it’s about. But from the looks of it, Dragon Quest Walk will have players walk around the outdoors for gameplay. Unlike Pokemon GO though (where the name of the game is capturing Pokemon), Dragon Quest Walk seems to retain the series’ turn-based RPG combat. Basically, player will walk around the real world to fight various monsters from the Dragon Quest franchise.

Dragon Quest Walk will be released for iOS and Android in Japan this 2019. There’s no word yet on an international release though. Here’s hoping that it does, even though the Dragon Quest series isn’t as big internationally when compared to Japan.