Play All You Want! A 24-Hour Gaming Marathon is Coming This June

International Tabletop Day is not over yet!

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Heads up, wood-pushers! International Tabletop Day is not over yet as the good folks over at Game Detective will be bringing back a 24-hour gaming marathon!

That’s right! For those who missed out on all the festivities last June 1, here’s your chance to celebrate our beloved cardboard hobby along with other fellow gamers this coming June 15-16, 2019. Here’s all the details you need to know for the event:

DATE/TIME: June 15, 2019 (11:00 AM) to June 16, 2019 (11:00 AM)

VENUE: All Corners Cowork, Unit 508 West Insula Building, West Avenue, Quezon City

ATTENDEES: Minimum of 80 people (All Ages, male & female)

ADMISSION: P1500 – 3 meals, unlimited coffee and drinks, raffle
P1150 – No meals, unlimited coffee and drinks but with raffle
P500 – No meals, no raffle, unlimited coffee and drinks

“24-Hour Boardgaming Marathon coming to Quezon City this June 15”
Game Detective, in partnership with All Corners Cowork is proud to announce a 24-Hour

Gaming Marathon where attendees stand the chance to win one of 25 boardgames worth over
80,000 Pesos to be raffled out hourly.


24-Hour Gaming Marathon

In celebration of International Tabletop Day and Father’s day, let’s put away our gadgets and
get ready for some human social interaction! From 11am on June 15, Game Detective brings
you 24 WHOLE HOURS OF NON-STOP GAMING where you can pit your mind against other
people, test your intelligence and sit down to have some seriously fun table time!
Get to meet members of the Philippine Boardgaming community and learn more about the
local Board Game scene. Try out new and exciting games well past your regular Monopoly and
Scrabble, and prepare yourself for a headfirst dive into the unforgettable experience of modern

Want just a taste? No problem! Participants are not required to stay for the entire duration of
the event. The 500 peso ticket entitles you to entrance for the duration of the entire 24 hour
event. Pop in and out as you please!

Exciting events also await participants during the 24 hour long non stop gaming marathon!
– Boardgames raffled out every hour of a selection of games over P35,000 in retail price
– Get to know some local game developers and try out their games (Space Dogs, Rapids,
Talinghaga, and 9Lives)


– Watch the Miniature Painting Demo by Joshua Daniel Flores of Joosh Two Thin Coats at
11AM and learn a new skill!

– Try your hand at our game tourneys and see how you fare against other players and win
exciting prizes!

– Mega Games Scheduled! Play large player count games with fellow attendees! Town of
Salem, Two Rooms and A Boom, crowd favorite Werewolf and up and coming

Kickstarter game Blood on the Clocktower among other games will be scheduled and
run during the event!

– Kid friendly? Definitely! If you’re up for something short and sweet, or looking for a
quick warm-up game, we’ll have exciting new light titles you can try out fresh from
Taiwan and Tokyo Game Market!, ranging from Can’t Stop, to Rolling Witch, to Dice
Fishing, and Buta Babel.

– The latest games? Try select titles that have recently been released at Essen, such as the
Spiel des Jahres 2019 nominee LAMA by Reiner Knizia, or the 2019 newly released Pearls
from AbacusSpiele

– Take the jump into heavier games! You can choose from well-loved tabletop games such
as Twilight Imperium IV, Rising Sun, Food Chain Magnate, Scythe, Blood Rage, Dinosaur
Island Xtreme Edition, Root with the Riverfolk Expansions, Container, Western Legends,
and a lot more! Our Game Curators will guide you through how to play, every step of
the way. The 24 Hour gaming marathon is the surefire way to find players for your
game of choice!

– Long Game Sessions, – the longest ever! Select from Game Detective’s collection of over
600 unique titles, with our highly proficient game instructors guiding you through each
game, or bring your own! Now’s your chance to knock out that 8 hour long game!
What are you waiting for, the gaming event of the season is here for only a minimum 50 Peso
entry fee or a 450 peso downpayment for a full priced ticket that entitles you to all of these
awesome events on June 15! Tickets are available through or through

Join us at the 24-Hour Gaming Marathon and let’s find out who’ll be the last gamer standing!


So what are you waiting for! Go get your gaming fix this June 15 and see you at the table!