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Things are at least 3x Stranger

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In case you’ve been living under a rock, Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 3 is upon us. And if the ghastly weather hasn’t been a clear sign of, well, strange things (pun intended), to come, then Central Square over at BGC turning into parts of Hawkins and the Upsidedown should!


Netflix Philippines transformed parts of the cinema-level of the Central Square BGC into awesome set-pieces from the hit sci-fi/thriller show.

We got to party like it’s 1980s and we could not love Netflix enough for doing this!



Of course, the star of the show is the pilot episode premier from Stranger Thing’s latest season dropping to your streaming devices this 4th of July.

Without spoiling anything, Stranger Things 3 continues with our leading group of misfits much more grown up. Each member of the group has had their own life developments as they explore how relationships are and generally just feeling out how growing up works (as did all of us during those years). However, things are starting to get strange again as natural anomalies begin to manifest. The episode does a lot of set-up so not much in terms of plot development happens yet. However, the pilot called “Suzie, Do You Copy?” does a great job of pulling you back into Hawkins in terms of what’s going on and what’s the current state of things. I can definitely tell you that the Stranger Things hype definitely got rekindled inside me after watching!

How would the events of this engulf the rest of the Season and what thrilling adventures will this group of kids be up to this time around? We can’t wait for July 4th but from what we saw, man, oh, man we cannot wait to go back to the world of Hawkin’s and say hi to Eleven and her cohorts.

Stranger Things Season 3 drops at Netflix on July 4, 2019. Try Netflix free for one month, signup now at