Come Juan, Come All! Zybi-Tech Launches two finance apps for every Juan

    Juan App To Rule Them All


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    A new player in the market, Zybi-Tech launched two new apps that could help every Juan (and Juana) – or at least that’s the idea. Welcome JuanCash and JuanExchange, two finance apps that are aimed to uplift the financial awareness, literacy and (hopefully) status of every Filipino.


    "Zybi Tech desires to support modern financial breakthroughs by bridging the gap between financial technology and the common Filipino. We aspire to serve all market segments, including the financial sector's unbanked and underbanked communities by providing efficient and effective financial solutions under one platform.Our goal is to bring financial services closer to every Filipino. A country connected more than ever. A goal not far from achieving."🎥: Powermashed Productions#ZybiTech #JuanCash #JuanExchange #KayaNiJuan

    Posted by JuanCash on Thursday, July 25, 2019

    The app idea itself isn’t something new. App-based banking without really needing to open a physical bank account, enables people to put their hard-earned money through a safe, and always-ready cache where they can use it in whatever manner they deem fit.

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    Small and Medium Enterprises, OFWs, and even displaced armed forces now have the opportunity to bank and send money with ease, thanks to JuanCash. Partnering with two strong brick and mortar banks, Union Bank and Security Bank, JuanCash is a mobile Electronic Money Issuer (EMI) that offers a variety of services which help consumers manage their finances and expenses. It offers features like mobile prepaid loading, bills and utilities payment, and fund transfer all in just one app.

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    JuanCash also highlights a prompt “Scan-To-Pay” system where a unique QR code can be utilized by an end-user for sending and receiving money. The app can also be a source of additional income by accepting “pass-thru” bills payment from and by selling prepaid load to your friends and colleagues. JuanCash features a virtual currency exchange platform within the app which allows consumers to trade cryptocurrencies conveniently, using their app wallet.

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    While JuanCash essentially becomes your e-Wallet, JuanExchange is a Virtual Currency Exchange (VCE) that offers multiple levels of security so you can be sure that your cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) is safe and intact. Every cryptocurrency listed on this platform is not only available to the international market, but these assets are also available to future network of international partner exchanges. The platform’s trading engine is designed to be scaleable to ensure orders are fulfilled in a very timely manner. It also cradles an international order book to offer best pricing and highest liquidity. JuanExchange truly offers fast registration with its easy-to-do Know Your Customer (KYC) and offer multi-currencies for those who prefer flexible transactions.


    These are just the opening Salvo. According to Zybi-Tech, they’re looking forward to create more apps that would help enrich the financial capabilities of each Filipino. One of the aims of Zybi-Tech is to streamline and optimize common business tasks via automation under one platform, theirs.  Whether it be simple banking tasks, atm withdrawal (without the need of ever using a physical card), paying bills online, getting and sending load, or trading cryptocurrencies, Zybi-Tech aims, through their products and partners, a more robust and financially-abled Pinoy in years to come.

    To check the app out for FREE download JUANCASH and JUANEXCHANGE at the GOOGLE PLAY or the APP Store.

    Follow them on their social media pages for timely updates.

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