First look at the cast of the ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ stage play

Catch it live in Japan from August 28 to September 22!

Yu Yu Hakusho (popularly known as Ghost Fighter in the Philippines) is one of the most popular anime series all over the world, and it continues to be a well-known anime in Japan. So it comes as no surprise really that there’s an upcoming live-action adaptation of the series; but alas, it’s not a movie. Instead, a stage play version of Yu Yu Hakusho will run in Japan starting this August.

While there’s no word yet on what the story of the Yu Yu Hakusho stage play will be about, we do have the official cast photos for the production. Check them out here:

Yusuke Urameshi (Tsubasa Sakiyama)

Kazuma Kuwabara (Naoya Goumoto)

Kurama (Hiroki Suzuki)

Hiei (Shohei Hashimoto)

Keiko Yukimura (Mirai)

Atsuko Urameshi (Mio Kadoshima)

Atsuko Urameshi (Mio Kadoshima)

Gōki (Kenta Nitta)

Genkai (Elizabeth Marry)

Koenma (Hirofumi Araki)

The Yu Yu Hakusho stage play will run in Tokyo from August 28 to September 2. The production will then be mounted in Osaka on September 4-8, in Fukuoka on September 10-12, and finally in Aichi on September 20-22. From the looks of it, the play will run exclusively in Japan.

For more info on the Yu Yu Hakusho stage production, visit the play’s official website.