PayMaya supports PH esports with The Nationals partnership

    PayMaya is solidifying itself as the payment option of choice for Pinoy gamers.


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    For gamers nowadays, having an online payment partner is a-must, especially considering tons of popular games (and DLC) can only be bought online. In the Philippines, PayMaya is emerging as the payment partner of choice for gamers. Not only is PayMaya an easy and convenient platform for Pinoy gamers, it’s also a big supporter of the Pinoy esports scene. After all, PayMaya is the official digital payments partner of The Nationals, the country’s first and only franchise-based esports league.

    “As esports continues to flourish in the Philippines, we’re excited that PayMaya, a homegrown digital payments company, is invested in supporting homegrown talents in the gaming scene. Our esports athletes are brimming with so much potential and having PayMaya with us in this journey is definitely a big boost, not just for the athletes, but for the entire gaming community,” Ren Vitug, Commissioner for The Nationals.   

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    The partnership isn’t just a straight up sponsorship deal though. The Nationals’ Mobile Legends athletes now have their own PayMaya accounts. There, players from winning teams will receive their prized directly into their accounts.  

    PayMaya is great for the Nationals players, but gamers like you and me can also benefit from having an account. Until July 31, users get a 10% discount when they buy Mobile Legends gaming pins at the in-app shop. What’s more is that usders can also enjoy up to 100% cashback when spending P100 in the shop. 

    Don’t have a PayMaya account yet? Download the app now on Google Play and on the App Store. For more updates/deals, visit

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