Sennheiser partners with JB Music to make its devices more accessible to PH audiophiles

From consumer headphones to pro audio solutions!

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If you’re a bit of an audiophile (like myself), you’re probably familiar with Sennheiser, a German audio company that’s popular with hi-fi enthusiasts. In case you don’t know the brand, let me tell you that Sennheiser produces a range of high-quality audio devices; I myself use a Sennheiser HD 518 as my main headphones at home.

While Sennheiser has tons of great audio equipment, their devices aren’t exactly widely available, especially compared to more run-of-the-mill audio brands. With this in mind, Sennheiser has partnered with JB Music, to make its range of products more accessible to Filipino audiophiles.

Yesterday (July 16) at the JB Music Flagship Store in Mandaluyong, representatives from Sennheiser and JB Music signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The MoU grants JB Music the right to distribute Sennheiser Asia’s products in the Philippines — this means that JB Music stores all over the PH will officially carry Sennheiser audio equipment. Aside from product distribution, JB Music President Jerico Fernando said during the event that the partnership will also extend to after-sales services.

The partnership between the two includes Sennheiser’s main product lines, including both pro audio equipment and consumer/audiophile headphones. As a bit of an audiophile, the inclusion of headphones in the partnership is great news, as this means that budding audiophiles won’t have to trek to specialty stores to get their hands on Sennheiser cans.

While the audiophile line was what got me most excited, the event’s highlights were the three new Pro Audio Solutions — the XS Wireless Digital, Evolution Wireless G4, and Digital 6000.

The XS Wireless Digital is a wireless microphone system made for stage performances, DSLR setups, and musical instrument audio. The system’s transmitter and receiver uses a 2.4GHz connection for stable connectivity. As for battery life, the transmitter and receiver can run up to 5 hours with their nonremovable batteries, which are charged via the USB-C port.

Up next is the Evolution Wireless G4 (EWG4), the fourth generation of Sennheiser’s evolution wireless series. The EWG4 is an all-in-one wireless microphone system that’s designed for live performances, broadcast, film, and education.

Finally, we have the Digital 6000, another wireless microphone system which packs intermodulation-free capability to operate successfully in areas with a narrow range of frequencies. It features the compact SK 6212, a 112g transmitter that can deliver 12 hours of operations.

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