Uniqlo UT and Fortnite collab for a graphic tee line

It seems to be a US-exclusive though.

After revealing the upcoming Sailor Moon and Makoto Shinkai UT collections, Uniqlo unveiled another graphic tee line that’s coming soon, and it’s a collab with the popular battle royale Fortnite.

The new UT collection was announced both through Uniqlo and Fortnite’s social media pages. The announcement was accompanied by an image of Fortnite’s “Llama” lootbox, along with the words “Fortnite x UniqloUSA.”

With this announcement, it seems that the Fortnite Uniqlo UT collection will be a US-exclusive. Though of course, it still remains to be seen if the Fortnite UTs will get an international release; especially as Uniqlo and Fortnite has yet to reveal more details regarding the UT line.

Expect more info from Epic Games and/or Uniqlo about their collab this weekend at the Fortnite World Cup Finals is happening now until July 28 (EST).

The collection between Uniqlo and Fortnite isn’t the first time that Japanese clothing retailer has collabed with a popular video game. Last year, Uniqlo released a UT line with Blizzard, which they followed up with a second collection back in June:

The 2019 Uniqlo UT x Blizzard collection is now available in the Philippines