Geek Lifestyle Review: Lenovo Gaming Suite

Eye candy AND Functional!

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A while back, we were able to unbox and play around with the latest of the Lenovo Gaming Suite: the H300 Stereo Gaming Headset, the H500 Pro 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset, the M500 RGB Gaming Mouse, and the K500 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.


And while it looks nice and all, the first question you’re probably thinking of is “But are they GOOD?” So today, we’re going to share with you our experience with the each of these devices from the Lenovo Gaming Suite. Here’s our Geek Lifestyle Review!


H300 Stereo / H500 Pro 7.1 Gaming Headset

Let’s start with the similarities between the two. Both actually look great and we really loved the overall aesthetic of both. The look and feel of the “Gunmetal Mesh” head band definite had that gamer vibe without being too loud. It may not have had your usual red colors and lighting but the sleek aesthetic definitely still did it for me.

Comfort was good but, while it may just be personal preference at this point, the design of the headsets were a bit too stiff for me. Don’t get me wrong, there was proper padding around the ears and head area but the form of the frame was just a bit too stiff for my liking.

H300 Stereo Gaming Headset

H500 Pro 7.1 Gaming Headset

Now in terms of sound quality, I’d have to say that both variants were great. The difference between the two would just be on how you game. If you’re heavy on games that require a lot of spatial awareness (like FPS games where sound cues can mean the difference between life and death), then definitely go for the H500. On the other hand, if you’re on a budget and / or enjoy just the general kinds of gaming where the 7.1 feature isn’t exactly needed, then the H300 is good choice!


M500 RGB Gaming Mouse

Let me take a quick moment to mention that ALL 4 pieces work together in terms of aesthetic. The gunmetal gray color is a fit with all of the items in the suite and you got that RGB Lighting to give it that extra layer of gamer awesomeness (because seriously, who doesn’t love RGB on your gear, amirite?).

Now, let’s talk FUNCTIONALITY. I love the grips on the side as well as the mouse wheel. It’s very comfortable and provides for a stable hold. Scrolling also feels quite nice with the grooves on it. I’m also a fan of the optional weight underneath the mouse. If you like your mouse to be a little bit light and loose, you can opt to take it out (with ease, if I may add) or if you want a little bit more heft, you can keep it in. It was pretty cool of Lenovo to add this little bit of customization with how you use the mouse. Lastly as a palm grip user, I do love the size as it gives a lot of rest to your hand.


K500 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard. Is. PRETTY.


Like I said, it may all just be personal preference at this point. However, I love how it has a unified look with all the other pieces of this gaming suite and has some LOVELY RGB settings to boot. The lighting settings are of course customizable with Lenovo’s software and you have a LOT of setting to choose from. In a dark room, the K500 will definitely add a lot of WOW factor to your gaming rig / set-up.

This was also such a pleasure to use. There are plenty of “quality of life” features that just makes the experience of using it so pleasurable. First off the hand / wrist rest, its quite comfy and those rubberized grooves just adds a lot of stability to your hands while typing. Perfect for those long-haul gaming sessions as it reduces a lot of strain with your wrists.


You then also have the some vital keyboard shortcuts buttons that, I personally, really appreciate. One, you have a button that LOCKS your Windows Button. For anyone who usually plays PC video games, YOU KNOW how big of a help this feature is. You then also have a button which controls the RGB lighting setting of the keyboard – ON, OFF, and DIM. This is great especially for people who love playing in the dark. Sometimes, yes. RGB looks fantastic but I’m also aware than sometimes it does kind of get distracting. So an RGB settings shortcut is quite the great feature.

As for general typing, I’d say it’s also quite great. The base of the K500 definitely has some weight to it so you’re assured that typing will be steady and stable. Because it’s a mechanical keyboard, it has a great tactile feel, making it great both for gaming and for lengthy typing.


Overall Experience

Using the Lenovo Gaming Suite was great experience. My favorite out of everything was the K500 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard as it had so many convenient features that helps with your everyday use. As a palm-grip user, I loved the size of the M500 RGB Gaming Mouse. The size was a good fit for my hand and the side grips made sure usage was stable. The headphones were good in terms of sound quality but I would’ve preferred a design that was less stiff.