Hatsune Miku is Coming to the PlayStation VR

A demo can be played now at Magical Mirai 2019 in Osaka.

ONE Store Beta Now Available


Originally released for the PC last year, Hatsune Miku VR, is coming to PlayStation VR, Crypton Future Media announced.


Here’s a brief overview of the game from Steam:


World-famous virtual singer Hatsune Miku invites you to join her on stage in in this VR music game! Simply put on your headset, choose a song then use your VR controllers to catch the melody symbols flying from the speakers at the back of the stage. But beware the long riff symbols and other challenges that will make it harder to reach the perfect score!


The following songs from popular Hatsune Miku artists are included:

“Stella” by KotsubanP, illustration by KEI (New)
“Ievan Polkka” by Otomania, illustration by Yukino Tamago
“Singularity” by keisei, illustration by rsk
“Amagoi Miseinen” by Wada Takeaki ‘Kurage P’, illustration by MONQ
“Sharing the World” by BIGHEAD, illustration by apapico
“Ghost Rule” by DECO*27, illustration by Hachisan
“SenbonZakura” by Kurousa P, illustration by Ittomaru
“Hibikase” by Giga, illustration by Mochizuki Kei
“SLoWMoTIoN” by PinocchioP, illustration by PinocchioP

Key Features

Rhythm action game using VR controllers.
Enjoy Miku’s original dance while playing the game.
Snow Miku outfit and Negi glow stick (New).
Nine songs with two difficulties for intense dance action.
Music video mode: watch any song from multiple angles with a choice of stages and outfits (New).


For those in Japan right now a demo of the game will be playable at the “VR Game Experience Corner” at Magical Mirai 2019 in Osaka on August 10 and 11. No final release date as of this post.