Smart Vlogger Camp kicks off with these Experts sharing how they made it!

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Wanting to make money online but not necessarily sure how to do it?  Or have you finally gone out of your shell and willing to take a dip into the vlogging-sphere but not necessarily sure where to start? Welp, Smart Communications, along with these vlogging entrepreneurs will show you how and take you to the next level of possibilities with the Smart Vlogger Camp!

The Smart Vlogger Camp kicks-off down south at Ateneo De Davao University and will spread across various campuses nationwide. So if you’re in the area tomorrow, August 14, 2019, you might best want to check the event out.

And here’s how you can join the camp:

  1. Go to this page:
  2. Register to Giga Video 99 or Giga Video+ 149 and wait for the confirmation email,
  3. Follow the instructions in the email to continue your registration;
  4. Wait for the final email containing your e-ticket, which you’ll present at the event.
  5. You can also catch on-ground registration booths in schools to buy tickets.

If you’re unfamiliar with the respective YouTubers that Smart pooled for this worthwhile endeavor, let me enlighten you.

Alodia Gosiengfiao 

Also known as the “Queen of Philippine Cosplay”, Alodia started getting famous for her quirky and photo-accurate cosplays of various video game, anime and pop-culture characters. But when not donning costumes that she worked on, she’s constantly gaming and/or going around the world attending conventions and sharing these geekdom to you. She does this via her channel like, you know, when she and Wil met with Tom Holland for Spider-Man Far From Home? No biggie.


Wil Dasovich

Wil Dasovic has found tremendous success with his online content creation. Prior to that, he appeared in various commercials here and there and was thrust into the limelight somewhat but it’s really in YouTube where he was able to find a stable outlet for his passion and earn from it. From highlighting interesting facets of Filipino Culture, to Traveling the world, Wil pretty much can do it all. I actually got to meet Wil once in a surprise house visit with Unbox EIC, Carlo Ople, and the dude is fearless!

Carlo Ople

Carlo has been one of the proponents of digital marketing here in the Philippines. Aside from founding, one of the country’s premier tech blogs, he’s also the reason why Ungeek exists. While he’s not necessarily new in vlogging, it was only last year when he decided to really pour his focus on his own channel and within less than 2 years he was able to grow his channel from anywhere south of 10,000 subs to almost half a million subs as to date. WOW. He regularly talks sneakers, life and tech and yours truly pop in on his blog from time to time. He’s also the reason why I opened up a channel of my own, HYPEGEEK.

Deep diving into the analytics of things, Carlo tries to make sense of how to actually make money off the internet — valuable learnings that he’ll readily share with the world especially the youth.

Erwan Heussaff

Aka “the Fat Kid Inside”, is a known foodie and restaurateur who wishes nothing more than to fill the world (and your bellies) with scrumptious food and drink concoctions. A fitness and travel junkie, Erwan goes around Asia scouring for good food and good places to be. Erwan’s travel videos have this highly produced travel docu feel to it, and the dishes he highlight will make your mouth water like this little bit he did when he was in Indonesia.

David Guison

Style icon, David Guison, shares his travel and daily shenanigans with his fans more on his YouTube channel. While his IG shows him in pristine editorial shots, the YouTube channel gives more levity with his daily dealings.

“Smart has always been at the forefront when it comes to enabling the Filipinos’ passions be it in entrepreneurship, entertainment, sports or lifestyle. We’ve always strived hard to arm our consumers with services that help them digitize their routines. This time, we want to equip the country’s future vloggers with the right tools and know-how to kick-start a career in vlogging. Here’s where Smart Play: Vlogger Camp plays a crucial role,” said Carlo Endaya, Department Head/VP, Smart Consumer Marketing.

So whether you find that itch star in your own show (which you now can thanks to readily available mediums like YouTube), or simply want to be inspired by the Hustle these people make, be sure to stay tuned to when the next Smart Vlogger Camp rolls out to your University.

While you wait for Smart Play: Vlogger Camp to come to your nearest school, don’t be afraid to pursue your passions and avail your #FreeYouTubeForAll! All you need to do is dial *123# to get a FREE additional 1 hour (1 GB) of YouTube on top of your GIGA VIDEO or GIGA VIDEO+ subscriptions.

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