Final Fantasy VII Remake recreates iconic FF7 artwork

Plus, FF7 Remake is set to unveil Shinra characters at TGS!

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22 years ago, Final Fantasy VII was released on the PlayStation in North America, specifically on September 7, 1997. To celebrate the game’s 22nd anniversary (at least in NA), Square Enix has released a new key visual for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, and it’s the classic artwork of FF7 that’s used in the game’s North American box art.

Check out the awesome new visual for the game here:

As you can see, this new visual is a lovely recreation of the original artwork, but with a lot more detail and more realistic proportions. Still, it’s definitely faithful to the original artwork, which should delight long-time fans of FF7.

For comparison, here’s the original key visual for FF7 (via Gematsu):

Aside from this new FF7 Remake visual, fans should expect more FF7 content to come this week, especially considering that the game will make an appearance at Tokyo Game Show 2019, both at the Square Enix and the PlayStation booth.

FF7 Remake will not only be playable at TGS, there will also be a PlayStation Live Stage showcase of the game where we expect Square Enix to finally unveil the characters from Shinra.