PayMaya’s Mobile Legends Diamond discount and cashback ending SOON!

You DO NOT want to miss out on this!

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If you haven’t had the chance to take advantage of PayMaya’s amazing gaming PIN deals, you have a couple of days left! Enjoy 10% discount on your Mobile Legends Diamond Top-Up aaaand a chance to win back up to 100% of your spending when you purchase through your PayMaya app!

While the King of Fighters x Mobile Legends limited-time offer skin and the 30% off discount on new hero Masha just ended, there are still 3 Forever Limited Purchases bundled and Lunox’s Zodiac Skin you can take advantage of right now.

Orrr…get more chances in trying your hand at getting the Fire Crown Recall Effect (because Lord knows, it takes more than one try to get the permanent recall – currently spent Php 500 and I still can’t get the permanent one, ulgh!)


Whatever it is that you fancy, it’s best to take advantage of the best deals in town and honestly, nothing beats what PayMaya is offering.

Let’s review:

  • 10% Discount on Diamond Purchases
  • Up to 100% Cashback on your PayMaya Purchase (minimum of Php 100 spend)

To enjoy these benefit, head over to Gaming Pin section of your PayMaya App. Click on the desired amount and wait for an SMS for your Razer Gold ePin and Password. Yup, you’ll have to retrieve the diamonds via Razer Gold and connect your Mobile Legend account.

Okay the process is, admittedly, lengthy versus paying via your Google Play-connected Credit card buuut if you value those extra diamonds and the potential of having 1%, 10% or 100% cashback, then well, don’t pay cash (or in this case card), PayMaya (Get it? Get it? Okay, we’re showing ourselves out the door now)!

Take note that the Gamer Pin discount isn’t restricted to Mobile Legends alone. You’ll also get discounts on pins for the following games/platform:

  1. Mobile Legends
  2. Steam
  3. RagnarokMobile
  4. Ex Cash
  5. Garena
  6. Razer Gold
  7. Dragon Nest
  8. Blizzard
  9. Cherry Credits
  10. PlayPark

Which means, you can take advantage of Steam Sales and pay less for it! 😀 Woohoo!

This amazingly geeky gaming promo by PayMaya ends by September 30, 2019 so we highly suggest you get to it, then. For more info about these promos, visit