Play-Ins and Groups Draw Results – LOL Worlds 2019

The Play-In stage starts next week!

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The League of Legends Worlds 2019 hype continues with the Play-Ins and Groups draw, and the LOL online community is all a-buzz with the results! Did your team get a favorable draw? Which group is getting the spotlight this year? Wonder no more! We got ya on this one.

Play-In Groups
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Will the Major regions continue to show their dominance in the Play-Ins? Or will the rising regions prove their mettle and stage some upsets? The top 4 teams from the Play-Ins will then be drawn into the Group Stage, joining the best teams of 2019.

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These teams await the survivors of the Play-Ins, preparing the glory and drama of Groups! Personally, I’ve got my sights set on that monster of a group, Group C, dubbed the “Group of Death” of Worlds 2019.


Is it Oct. 2 already?!? We can’t wait for the craaaaaay-zee picks and epic clashes of the Play-In stage to start! Woot!