Tokyo Game Show Survival Guide 2019

Going to Tokyo Game Show this year? Here, take this!

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Another year, another Tokyo Game Show!

This will be UnGeek’s 4th-year pilgrimage into TGS 2019. And with each and every trip the gang learned some valuable lessons along the way that we eventually bring to us everytime we return to Japan’s gaming Mecca. So for those going this year (or planning for the next), here’s 7 things that you should really keep in mind when you visit Tokyo Game Show.

Bring a Camera

This might be obvious because we are tourists after all, but as a general rule Japanese conventions really don’t like you asking for photos of them as they are going about. There will be separate cosplay areas where people will be posing for photographs. Adding to this, there are also specific locations where pictures or video are definitely, but overall the vast majority of things inside TGS can be photographed. There will be plenty of IG-worthy background that you want to pose with or just document for memory’s sake. I remember posing with the giant Nergigante from the Monster Hunter World booth because that was really a sight to see.


Plan Your Rides Early

The trains to/from the convention center from Tokyo station will obviously be mostly packed going in. It might take you longer than you expect to get there since the trains fill up and you will have to wait for the next one. Better ride early especially when taking the train.


Bring Comfortable Footwear

Wear comfy sneakers, but they don’t have to be this hype!

The convention is HUGE. You will likely spend the vast majority of the day on your feet, walking and in line. Wear comfortable padded shoes that are light.


Be Prepared to wait in Line

Mostly anything that you will do in TGS, whether playing games, buying merchandise, or just really anything, except to wait at least 1-2 hours for it (and that’s being realistic). I’m really guessing that this time, especially with AAA games like the remake of Final Fantasy VII, people will really flock to them.

The queuing system goes like this; wait in line roughly thirty minutes to get a ticket for a specific game you want to play. Once you have your ticket go stand in a straight line that is denoted by your ticket number. wait for about 60-90 minutes in this line, where eventually you will get to a representative which will guide you on the terminal where you can play. Game time varies so make the most out of it.


Plan and Prioritize Your Experience Inside

The game show halls are, well, to put it simply busy and massive, and the number of stuff to see and do is absolutely numerous that it is really impossible to do everything. You will be easily overwhelmed unless you make some sort of plan of what you definitely want to see and do. Prioritize and do what needs to be done first as it is really easy to get sidetracked with all the distractions. And no I’m not talking about the cosplay (but its a valid excuse).


Bring Extra Cash and Carrying Gear

Honestly. It next to impossible to go to TGS and not see something that you want to take home with you. The sheer volume and variety of merchandising available is absurd. Plus, everyone wants a souvenir. So my advice to you is bring as much money as you can (but not too much). As far as I know, Japan is primarily a cash-based country but bringing a credit or debit card can do. Just be wary that some booth don’t accept cards. Also, bring an extra tote bag or backpack, you’ll never know what you’ll be buying there!


Hydrate and Replenish

Calorie Mate and tea is your friend!

Finally, bring bottled water or packed food, if possible. It will save you time. If you weren’t able to bring some food/drinks, make sure to stock up on any of the convenience stores inside the venue ASAP!

And that’s about it! Do you have any tips you would like to share? If you bump into any of the UnGeekPH team say hello to them! Take a selfie or two. 🙂