UnGeek Tokyo Game Show 2019 Merch Giveaway Mechanics!

Time to win some glorious Tokyo Game Show swag!!!

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Tokyo Game Show 2019 is now well and done but we’re still churning more stories, more content and more geekery from the massive 260,000+ attended gaming convention. Yes, 260,000+. That’s how many people Tokyo Game Show 2019 gathered. It’s massive, fun, and all sorts of videogame goodness that we here at UnGeek has made it a tradition to create memorable experience not just for us covering the convention, but to you guys who are watching and reading the news on our site.

With that said, here’s a peek of what you stand to win in this year’s Tokyo Game Show Merch Giveaway!


Not quite getting the whole picture? Watch our Tokyo Game Show Merch Tour Video here to find out exactly what the prizes are. Clue, there are 3 Packs in total.

Done with the video? Okay, check out the full mechanics below:


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    • Which gift pack would you want to win and why?
    • Tag a person you would want to share (or brag) your winnings with (i.e. I’d like me to win the UnGeek Tokyo Game Show 2019 Merch Giveaway Gift Pack B because Cyberpunk is the most breathtaking thing I’ve seen, next to @Keanu of course who I’m tagging here! Dude, you can come over and admire my swag anytime! 😀 ).
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  7. Contest runs from September 18, 2019 to September 28, 2019
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  9. Contest is open to UnGeek readers/viewers that reside in Metro Manila or are willing to claim the prize in Metro Manila.
  10. Should winners be unable to fulfill any of the above requirements, UnGeek will lay claim to the prize and will dispose of it as to how they see fit.
  11. Winners will be contacted via their respective social media pages via DMs

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And that’s it! Hope you guys had fun going through all our Tokyo Game Show 2019 content and we’re still churning more! Until next time, boys and girls! Keep on gaming.