What’s in My Bag? | Tokyo Game Show 2019 Coverage Edition

Just some of the things we're bringing to TGS 2019!

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We’re opening up a new segment where we take a peek at one of our editor’s bag for gadgets, geek items, trinkets and essentials. Why? Cause we’re nosy like that!

For this feature, we’re taking a peek at… my own bag! Here’ I’ll share with you what I’m bringing along for our annual Tokyo Game Show coverage!

The Bag

Not exaggerating, I usually carry anywhere from 3-6 bags with me whenever I travel. As the main videographer of the group, I carry bulk of the video shooting equipment. If I’m on the field, I have 2 bags with me at all times. A bigger carry-all backpack where I can shove my gimbal, audio-recording equipments, small tripod/ stand and a bunch of powerbanks so I would always have juice the entire day. If I need to bring my laptop then I have to bring my trusty Herschel backpack that can usually house everything. If I can leave the laptop at the Hotel/ Airbnb, I’d switch it up with a lighter sling pouch.

The second bag is where I keep all my travel essentials – passport, wallet, keys, cellphones (my main shooting devices) and one small lapel.


Travel Essentials

Fragment x RetaW Fragrance Lipbalm

Not a lot of people get it, back always pack a handy lip balm whenever you travel especially to new environments that you’re unfamiliar with. The Fragment x RetaW Lipbalm that we got from Conveni in Ginza during our past visits served me well in my various trips especially once the weather drops down to chilling levels.

Eye Drop

Didn’t get much sleep last night? Feeling a bit tired? You know what would jolt you out of your hazy day slumber better than three shots of espresso? THIS EYE DROP! This gorgeous mentholated eyedrop will zap you back alive in seconds – that is, after you cried a river or two. But hey, the momentary (relative) pain.

Promise, it feels better than it looks!

Entertainment on the Go

Huawei FreeLace in Amber Sunrise

The Huawei FreeLace is a handy companion whenever you’re on the go. The rubberized band is light-weight enough that you can, more or less, forget that you’re carrying something around your neck. The device drivers are pretty decent (much more than the Huawei Freebuds) and, while not necessarily having active noise cancelation, the rubber tips do help block much of the unwanted surrounding noise, especially when you have your music up.

The great thing about this particular Freelace is its Amber Sunrise color! Hey, orange IS, imho, the color of the year (well, Living Coral according to Pantone).


Things to Keep Me Going

Promate AuraTank-20

While it’s a monster to carry, the Promate Aura Tank-20 is a 20,000mah monster that has multiple outlets as well so you can hook up more than one device to your power bank. It’s also equipped with a wireless charging plate if you’re really desperate for a charge and you forgot to bring a phone cable (the charge isn’t that fast, sadly). It’s supposedly equipped with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 (18 Watts power delivery). The only drawback to the Promate Aura Tank-20 is its size and weight. So this is really for heavy-duty usage most likely during the main Tokyo Game Show con days.

For more pocket-sized power, there’s the Huawei 12000 40W SuperCharge Power Bank.

Huawei 12000 40W SuperCharge Power Bank

The Huawei 12000 40W SuperCharge Power Bank is my go-to to charge my daily driver, in this case a Huawei P30 and a Huawei Mate 20 Pro. 12,000 mah is more than enough for these devices and the 40W output can give me full bars at less time. Plus, it’s considerably handy than the Promate AuraTank-20.  If there’s one  drawback to the Huawei Power Bank is that it only has one slot for power output (unless you have a type C to type C cable).

Seagate Fast SSD Portable Storage

Data storage plays a crucial role especially in international coverages. With the amount of images, videos and articles we write down and pass along the team, speed is of the essence. Hence we’re mighty excited to bring with us Seagate’s Fast SSD Portable Storage. While, sure, it’s only a 500G capacity, that’s more than enough to fill with 4-days-worth of materials.

Aside from a portable, handheld, fast storage device, the Seagate Fast SSD can also OTG (on-the-go) Storage capability. Meaning you can hook your Android phone directly to the drive and they’ll interact. DAYUM!

PLUS, I am testing out ASUS’s new Vivobook S15, which means I need to gather all my files from my work laptop that I will be leaving here in the Philippines and I need to extract the files before I miss my flight!

Kamilosan & Katinko

What?! As a certified Tito, I will not be caught dead without these two!

If you enjoy this segment let us know in the comment section at the post. Who’s bag do you want us to survey next? And if you want to see more of our adventures here at Japan, stay tuned at Ungeek as we bring you the best of Tokyo Game Show 2019! Ikkuzo!!!