Esports and Gaming Summit 2019 is just one week away!

The PH's biggest gaming convention is finally upon us!

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The Esports and Gaming Summit is the biggest video game convention in SEA, and it’s THE premier gaming event in the Philippines. ESGS never fails to bring the hype to Pinoy gamers, be it through awesome activities to the latest game demos. And since it’s now the middle of October, it means that ESGS 2019 is happening next week!

This year’s ESGS is exciting, given this will be the first time that the event will have a yearly theme. For 2019, ESGS’ theme is ‘cyberpunk’, and it’s reflected in the event’s look and with the new event persona — Astra.

“With ESGS getting bigger and better every year, I’m very excited to see the gamers in the activities and games that they will be able to experience,” said Joebert Yu, Managing Partner of Gariath Concepts. “Our event partners, led by PLDT and Smart, up the ante each year and provide ESGS event-goers with a new kind of gaming experience year after year, and this iteration is no exception to that. It is our hope that people who go to ESGS leave with smiles on their faces after all the hype activities and merchandise.”

Astra herself will make an appearance at ESGS 2019, cosplayed by Awie De Guzman. This persona of ESGS will also be an integral part of the event in the year’s to come.

Aside from a new theme, ESGS 2019 is packed with tons of activities in the various booths at the show floor. The exhibitors we are most excited for include the likes of Nintendo/Maxsoft, ASUS ROG, Capcom, Kojima Productions, and many more!

Big name developers/publishers won’t be the only highlight of ESGS though, as there will once again be an Indie Fiesta, the event’s annual indie game showcase. At the Indie Fiesta, attendees can meet the creators behind some of the most exciting indie games, and try out various new indie titles as well.

For esports fans, ESGS will also be a must-attend thanks to the Fighting Game Arena and the Mobile Esports Arena. Both activities will host various tourneys across nine fighting game titles and a multitude of mobile games respectively. Plus, there will also be exhibition matches featuring the SIBOL Philippine team at the event.

Finally, ESGS 2019 will host a two cosplay events; one is an actual competition for the best gaming character cosplay, while the other is a surprise treat where anyone in cosplay at the show floor can get a chance to win. Sign-ups for the ESGS 2019 cosplay competition is open now here:

ESGS 2019’s Public Days are scheduled October 25-27, 2019 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City. ESGS will also host a Business Day on October 24, but attendance will be limited to developers, publishers, and members of the press.