Here are some of the sweet merch you can find at ESGS 2019

Ready your wallets.

ONE Store Beta Now Available

Aside from all the games happening in the SMX Convention center, it wouldn’t be an Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit 2019 without all those sweet, sweet merch right? To be really honest with you, the moment I entered the event halls the first thing I went after were all the nice and geeky wares the people there have been peddling. Video and boardgaming came second because, well, they can wait.

Just like last year, Kojima Productions are present and this time they brought an exclusive item to their catalouge – The Black Ludens Figure! Although its expected that their wares are priced on the premium side of things, you can’t deny the quality of the items.


The duck, btw came from TGS but we gladly brought it at ESGS to reunite with the store. Quack!


Aside from being an event that is mainly focused on digital and electronic games, our analog tabletop friends made an impact in demoing both locally and internationally-made games. Check out Neutral Grounds and Game Detective, to name a few.

The sweet table you see there, by the way, is locally made. At first glance I thought that GD ordered it online, and I’m happy to know that I was wrong! For inquiries on how to get one (or possibly, have one at made-to-order), you can message Game Detective.


Like mentioned, there are also some home-grown board games making quite the impression with yours truly. I’ll be featuring some of this in detail on a future article.


You want shirts? There’s always aplenty from KPH Store, MM Tees and Japan All Stars.


I’m always fascinated on the stuff Long Live Play had on offer, maybe I’ll grab one of their swords someday (By grab, I mean purchase).


There are also some neat little thingamagigs like these repurposed bottlecaps from hodge podge.


Playbook and Team Eight had a variety of stuff as well.

Really, there’s a lot of things to see and do and eventually buy at ESGS. These are just a small portion of a bigger pie but for the most part, the event is sure to please any types of gamers out there. So if you don’t want to miss out, drop by for day 2, where I would expect most of the action will happen. Till then guys, keep on gaming! (And collecting!)