Here’s the fastest way to get you started with Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

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Let’s face it, Monster Hunter: World is one huge grindy game (grindy in a good way, mind you). For those just starting off from World, it can really be a difficult climb all the way to the latest expansion… But it can be done with a bit of effort! If you want to breeze through the base game and go straight all the way to Iceborne, then this handy guide is for you!


Use this beginners mixed armor set!

One of the struggles starting off the game is choosing the right armor and weapon that can help you plow your way until you find your rhythm. Luckily we made this Best Starting Mixed Armor set guide way back in World, and by golly this piece of patched-up junk still holds up quite well in the early game! So if you want something to craft in a pinch while getting some really nice value over time, this is the way to go!


Choose at least 2-3 weapon types and stick with it.

The game is hard, but not impossible with the right set of tools. Part of the fun in any Monster Hunter Game is choosing the right weapon, and this can be subjective for the player. But for me the easiest melee weapons you can start out is the Sword and Shield, Hammer and Great Sword as they are really straightforward to pilot.

Once you get a feel of a specific weapon, stick with it and try to master the timing and different moves, as each weapon is really distinct. After that, maybe then you can branch out and discover a new one that you haven’t wielded before. But at the start, try to use at least 2 different weapons, so you can mix things up a bit, just in case the other one doesn’t work the way you want it to for a particular monster.


You just need to reach Hunter Rank 16 for Iceborne.

This is perhaps the most meaty of the stuff that you will have to do, and it really wont be short… But for those who want to get past all of the fluff the Monster Hunter World has to offer, you really got to put in the time and experience the game’s main story, which will take you about 25-30 hours. There is really no other way around it… Once you finished the main storyline, you can now go straight to Iceborne (provided you purchased the expansion, of course). I would suggest though, that aside from the main story, dont overlook the one important set of side quests you need to finish – nameplay the *Palico Side Quests. Not only do they provide all the essential gear that your sidekicks need, in the long run it will definitely make for a much easier hunt.

*Palico Side Quests guide here, from our friends at gameranx!


So you’re in Iceborne now. Pack some ice-resistant armor!

This is probably a no-brainer, but in case you didn’t know… The theme of Monster Hunter World is centered around, well, Ice! So it would really make sense that you pack in some serious cold-resistant armor. For those coming in from World, I would suggest to craft some armor from these ice-imbued monsters namely the Legiana and Kushala Daora, with the former obviously the easiest to craft.


Upgrade your starting Guardian Armor

The Guardian armor that the game throws at you is actually pretty decent at the very early parts of the game. I would suggest that you upgrade until you can farm the Master Rank Jagras Armor, which is probably the best bang for your buck after the guardian, Pretty easy to farm too! But for those who are a fan of mixed armor sets, I got you covered, fam! Here’s what I used:

Great Jagras Helmet A+
Great Jagras Chest A+
Kulu Arms A+
Hornetaur Coil B+
Hornetaur Legs B+


Alternatively, if want something a bit more specific that can let you breeze through the story, you might want to check out this build, courtesy of TheGameconomist. Because as Monster Hunter World players know, the real game begins when the story ends!


And that’s that! This will definitely help you with the early grind until you find something you really want. How’s your Monster Hunter: Iceborne experience so far? Till next time, hunters! Keep on gaming!