Osaka, JapanCookpad Studio just revealed a special collaboration featuring 2 food-related animes – Shokugeki no Soma and Cooking Master Boy, both of which will continue this month, October 11 to be exact!


Here’s the menu that you can order:

Shokogeki no Soma

Upper-left – Soma’s Roast Pork with Menchi-Katsu
Lower-left – Megumi’s Dorayaki with Apple White Bean Paste

Cooking Master Boy

Upper-right – Mao and Sanche’s Pepper Steak with Golden Fried Rice
Lower-right – Annin Tofu and Strawberry Mooncake


Getting any of these orders will either earn you a clear file folder or coaster related to the material. If you happen to be in Osaka, the special menu will be available from October 7-31, 2019. Alternatively, you can check out Cookpad Studio’s official website.


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