PH Board Game Podcasts to listen to during your daily commute

Here are three local board game podcasts to help you get through the day!

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Braving the daily traffic of Metro Manila is taxing to our health and quality of life, and also eats away at our precious time. We’d rather spend these moments immersing ourselves in our interests like personal passion projects and those hobbies that spark joy! And for Board Game Enthusiasts, we all know we’d rather play a game or two with that wasted time. But alas, it looks like we have to accept the time-eating daily commute as a part of our lives. Luckily for us, the passion for board games need not suffer as several Board Game Podcasts are available, waiting for some ears to listen and enjoy. Here are three local podcasts you can check out:


Images from Card Board Buzz

With a catchy intro from early episodes (Cardboard… buuuuuuzz! ~Badum-tsss~) and hosted by Ivan, Cardboard Buzz is an entertaining podcast full of great insights from Board Game community veterans as Ivan and his friends feature various fun segments, from board games reviews to discussions of relevant board gaming experiences. Heck! These guys even interviewed famous board game designer, Ignacy Trzewiczek! He designed several amazing board games like Imperial Settlers and Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island. Try listening to them and you might just learn a thing or two about the hobby we love.



Image from OnDeck with the Boardgamer PH

OnDeck with the Boardgamer PH is a very newbie-friendly board game podcast where Glorie and her friends talk about the different games and experiences that their gaming groups enjoy. Like the usual game reviews, they’ll give you an idea on how to play the game and what to expect. But what places the extra cherry on top is their very animated discussions of their experiences with the games, which can make you feel like you’re part of their barkada! This fun group also gives their top 3 board games lists of the episode’s topic, sometimes cheating with honorable mentions (bit we’re not complaining). Their wacky antics just shows how fun the hobby can be, which will make you want to delve even deeper!



Image from Gaming Library

From one of the top Board Game Distributors in the Philippines, Gaming Library, GLive is an exciting board game podcast with two alternating formats: one is a variety show type full of game reviews, top ten lists and news of upcoming games and releases; while the other features a round-table discussion by the GL Curators of hot topics in the hobby. They even created a new 1-5 rating system for the games, which you should definitely check out! What makes GLive unique is you can get some insight on the board gaming hobby from a distributor’s perspective, giving a you better understanding of the local board game scene. And if you’re into Keyforge, try listening to them ’cause these guys loooove the game and you might just get some news and tips. These cool cats also do live playthroughs of great games, which you can check out via their Facebook account and their YouTube channel.


These are just three of the local podcasts available right now. There’s more out there if you want even more content to keep you company on your travels, including ones from the international community like from Rahdo (Rahdo Talks Through) and the Dice Tower (Dice Tower Network Podcast: The Dice Tower). So pop in those earphones and make the most of your commute. We may not be playing, but at least keep the board game love burning!