Reebok partners with Sanrio for ‘Gudetama’ and ‘Hello Kitty’ Instapump Fury sneakers

Now these are super-cute!

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Do you love all things Sanrio? Well, Reebok has just the sneakers for you! Reebok recently revealed a new collab with Sanrio for two Instapump Fury sneakers with designs based on two beloved characters — Gudetama and Hello Kitty.

Both Instapump Fury sneakers feature colorways and design elements based on the two aforementioned Sanrio characters. The sneakers also come in childrens and adult sizes.

Up first is the ‘Gudetama’ Instapump Fury, a chunky laceless sneaker with a primarily white and yellow colorway, with black accents at the sole, back, and tongue. This sneaker features Gudetama’s signature lethargic face at the back and on the pump button.

The ‘Hello Kitty’ Instapump Fury meanwhile, has a black, white, and red colorway. Similar to the ‘Gudetama’ sneaker, these kicks have Hello Kitty’s face at the back and on the pump button. What makes this sneaker different though is that it has Hello Kitty’s signature bow at the front.

The Reebok x Sanrio Instapump Fury collection was released in Japan last September 23, and each pair costs JPY 20,000 (around PHP 9,520). The sneakers are still available now at the atmos JP webstore, though sizes are limited. No word yet on a PH release though.