The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 offers PC-like performance, and it’s available now

A great partner for on-the-go creatives!

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While a tablet may be seen by some as a device purely for media consumption (think watching movies or playing games), there are a number of powerful tablets that can be used for productivity in lieu of a laptop. One such device is the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, which is now available in the Philippines!

The Tab S6 packs a flagship Snapdragon 855 processor, up to 8GB of RAM, and a massive 7,040mAh battery. Samsung’s new tablet also has a large 10.5-inch display, AKG-tuned quad speakers with Dolby Atmos, and an on-screen fingerprint scanner.

While the tablet is undeniably a powerhouse, the most interesting features of the Tab S6 is its S Pen and improved DeX technology. Similar to the Note 10, the Tab S6’s S Pen allows for instant writing and sketching, making it a great pair for content creators/creatives who are always on the go. Meanwhile, DeX lets users run apps from teh tablet to a separate screen, as well as easily transfer files between the tablet and a PC.

The Galaxy Tab S6 is available now at Samsung Experience Stores in Mountain Gray and Rose Blush for PHP 47,990. Each tablet also comes with a free book cover keyboard.