Valve announces Half Life: Alyx, an upcoming VR game

    More details to be annnounced this week!


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    It’s been over a decade since Valve has released anything Half-Life related, with the last game in the series being Half Life 2: Episode 2 back in 2007. With Valve being radio silent on any new Half Life game since then, lots of fans have given up hope on a new entry in the series, until now!

    Valve recently confirmed that Half Life: Alyx, an upcoming flagship VR game for Steam VR is in the works. The announcement was made via a Twitter post by Valve’s official account, and it says that the game will be officially unveiled on Thursday at 10am Pacific time (Friday at 2am in PHT).

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    Aside from the announcement, Valve has yet to reveal anything about the game yet. Still, we’re very much excited. Given that Half Life 2 was one of the first games to have advanced physics (and physics-based puzzles), we won’t be surprised if Half Life: Alyx will be just as innovative as its predecessor.

    Valve’s positioning of Half Life: Alyx as its “flagship VR game” is also good news for gamers interested in VR. While PC VR has always been a cool concept, there has yet to be a system seller for it (think Halo for Xbox or Half Life 2 for Steam). Half Life: Alyx though, has potential to be PC VR’s killer app. Plus, it may pave the way for Half Life 3 in the future.

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