We are LOVING these Death Stranding collab artworks

Courtesy of PlayStation's first-party studios!

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Death Stranding is out now on the PS4, and it’s not only Kojima Productions that is celebrating the launch. In fact, various first-party PlayStation studios are cheering on KojiPro, and not just through words. Recently, a number of PS studios have released awesome collab artworks featuring Death Stranding.

Up first is Guerilla Games with an awesome art of Sam and Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn) riding a Reverse Trike alongside Watchers. Not only is this art incredibly good, it’s also a celebration of the collaboration between KojiPro and Guerilla; after all, Guerilla Games helped out a lot in Death Stranding’s development. The studios even share the development of the Decima engine.

Next are two cute artworks from God of War developer, Santa Monica Studio. The first features Sam and Kratos, with Kratos having a BB unit of his own, though inside is his son, Atreus. The next has Fragile and Freya, with Mimir also making an appearance.

Bend Studio is also getting in on the fun, releasing an artwork of Sam and Deacon (Days Gone) who are both riding their signature bikes. In this piece, Deacon’s bike is outfitted with a BB tank, a collab item that also appears in Days Gone with the game’s latest update.

Finally, we have Sucker Punch Productions with art of BB holding a tiny katana, in reference to the studio’s upcoming game Ghost of Tsushima.

While the art itself is great, the tweet exchange between the studios is even better:

Death Stranding is out now on the PlayStation 4. The game will be released on PC in Summer 2020.

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