Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season One update releases today, complete with tons of new content

Releasing on December 4!

Following the recent free update to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare which featured a lot of new content, Activision announced the Season One update for Modern Warfare. Much like the previous update, Season One brings lots of new content, all for free!

Activision promises that Season One is the biggest free content drop in Call of Duty history, and from the list of stuff included in the update, this claim is very much true.

The Modern Warfare Season One update brings a number of new maps, including:

  • Crash (Multiplayer)
  • Shipment (Multiplayer)
  • Vacant (Multiplayer)
  • Atrium (2v2 Gunfight)
  • Cargo (2v2 Gunfight)
  • Shipment (2v2 Gunfight)
  • Port (Ground War)

Aside from the listed maps, Season One also introduces three new game modes:

  • Reinforce – Work as a team to capture zones and stay alive
  • Infected – Infect everyone, or survive the game to win
  • Gunfight O.S.P. – 2v2 rules, but players must gather weapons as the game progresses

The new update also brings two new base weapons — the HOLGER-26 automatic LMG and the RAM-7 bullpup assault rifle, as well as various Special Ops missions. Finally, Season One will introduce the new Battle Pass system.

For more information on the new update, visit the official Call of Duty: Modern Warfare website.