[Day 7] Win a Datablitz Monster Hunter Gift Pack | UG Holiday Gift Giveaway 2019

Hunters! This Day is for you!

MSI Laptop 20th Anniversary Promotion

One of the biggest titles of Gaming in recent years was Monster Hunter World for PS4 as it opened the floodgates of Monster Hunter Fandom to a more mainstream crowd. While MHW was a title that released during January of 2018, the game still continues to pump out more and more new content for fans up to this very day with various game updates, DLC, and the Iceborne Expansion!


So today’s giveaway (Day 7) of UnGeek’s Holiday Gift Giveaway, Datablitz has sponsored a lovely Monster Hunter Gift Pack to be given away to one (1) lucky Monster Hunter Fan! “But what’s in the pack” you may be asking right now. Well here’s the lowdown:


Monster Hunter Gift Pack Contents

  • Six (6) Monster Hunter World Figure Builders
  • One (1) Limited Edition Monster Hunter World 15th Anniversary T-shirt (Large Size)
  • Fourteen (14) Limited Edition Monster Hunter World Keychains
  • One (1) Limited Edition Monster Hunter World woven ecobag
  • One (1) Monster Hunter World Iceborne non-woven ecobag
  • One (1) Monster Hunter World Iceborne poster


Holy Kadachi, that’s a LOT OF STUFF in one pack! And it will all go to ONE LUCKY MONSTER HUNTER FAN! So without further ado, here’s how you can join!


How To Join

You need to do the following to join and get a chance to be the lucky winner of the Datablitz Monster Hunter Gift Pack:

  1. LIKE the UnGeek Facebook Page
  2. SUBSCRIBE to the UnGeek YouTube Channel and Click the Bell Icon
  3. LIKE the Datablitz Facebook Page
  4. Follow Datablitz on Instagram
  5. LIKE this Facebook Post and COMMENT by TAGGING a friend and tell us which one of the monsters in Monster Hunter World was your most memorable hunt or is your favorite to hunt and why! PLUS STYLE POINTS to people who can post epic screenshots of their hunter in the game. Be sure to use the hashtags #UnGeekGiftGiveaway2019 and #UGG2019Day7
    • i.e. “Me and my friend @Jason love hunting the GREATEST JAGRAS! We always have a laugh when we hunt it and jokingly consider it to be the strongest monster in the game. Many LOLs were had. #UnGeekGiftGiveaway2019 #UGG2019Day7″
  6. SHARE THIS POST on your Facebook timeline and invite others to join!
    • Be sure to set your post privacy to PUBLIC
    • Use the hashtag #UnGeekGiftGiveaway2019
  7. Be sure to do these steps on or before 11:59pm December 30, 2019 to qualify

Things to Note

  1. The winner will be determined randomly
  2. Shipping of the prize will happen on January 2020
  3. This giveaway is open to anyone residing and/or has a valid shipping address within Metro Manila, Philippines. Otherwise, your entry will become invalid and any prize won will be raffled off once again.
    • An alternative would be that you are willing to have the prize shipped to a Metro Manila address if you win
  4. Members of UnGeek and Datablitz will not be allowed to join this promo.
  5. A participant may submit multiple entries (when applicable) however he/she can only win once for the entire UnGeek Holiday Gift Giveaway 2019 duration. Meaning, once you are selected as a winner for any of the UnGeek Holiday Gift Giveaway 2019 Days, you will not be eligible to win the prizes of the other days
  6. UnGeek reserves the right to disqualify anyone, even declared winners, in the event of misrepresentation on the part of the participant (i.e. The participant can’t pick up the prize, etc)
  7. Any entry submitted with a picture and/or caption depicting offensive / improper / inappropriate material (includes but is not limited to nudity, sexual content, and hateful language) shall disqualify the participant from the giveaway
  8. All winners will be contacted via Facebook post & direct message to inform them of when they can claim their prize.
  9. Contest winners must present a valid ID to claim their prize.
  10. In case the contest winner/s cannot be physically present to receive the prize, we will allow a proxy to receive the package in their stead
  11. Proxies are required to submit a signed letter of consent as well as present valid ID’s (proxy’s as well as contest winner’s) as proof.
  12. In the event that the winner/s of the contest fail to collect their prize by February 28,2019 due to invalid/falsified delivery address/invalid information given to UnGeek), UnGeek reserves the right to dispose of the prize in whatever way they deem fit.


Happy holidays and happy hunting, everyone!