Lazada’s biggest Year-Ender Sale is also its Most Charitable!

Good guy, Lazada. :)

By now we’ve grown accustomed to it, these double-digit day sale. 10.10, 11.11. and with the upcoming 12.12 our wallets (and Christmas bonuses) are bracing themselves for the onslaught of great wallet-busting deals we’ve come to expect from huge online retailers like Lazada.

But this time, instead of just spending, Lazada Philippines is getting in on the spirit of giving. While its not new that Lazada has partnered with various NGO’s in the past, it is the first time they pulled together this many in a singular effort to help them out during the busiest shopping period of the year, Christmas!

Eleven (11) cause-worthy local and international organizations are now direct beneficiaries of Lazada’s efforts.  Habitat for Humanity, Young Focus, Caritas Manila, MovED, UNHCR, Hero Foundation Inc., UNICEF, WWF, Tahanan ng Pagmamahal, HOPE and Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation (CCEF) are now given wider spotlight thanks to this partnership. Shoppers can support causes close to their hearts, from alleviating poverty to saving the environment to enriching lives and livelihood, the hope is that the 12.12 Grand Year End Sale will not only give joy to our direct loved ones but to those in need as well.

Representatives of the 11 Advocacy Groups under the program

“Christmas is the season for giving, and we want to empower our customers to do just that and empower our advocacy partners in their in various causes. This is the first Digital Giving platform from an eCommerce company in the Philippines,” says Ray Alimunrung, Lazada Philippines’ Chief Executive Officer. “We believe that everyone can contribute in their own way, big or small, and we would like to do our part by providing our advocacy partners a platform to champion their causes, raise awareness, funds and resources.”

If the 12.12 Grand Year End Sale becomes successful especially for the partnered advocacy groups, Lazada aims to open the platform to more organizations to cater to. “We are truly honored to partner with great organizations who share the same values, and going forward, hope to sustain this initiative by onboarding more.”

With a solid eCommerce platform like Lazada, it’s easier for organizations to tell their stories and solicit donations. Aside from having a landing page provided by Lazada to inform shoppers of each organization’s thrust, these advocacy groups have access to a wide array of tools and secure payment gateways making things much easier on their end. This also pushes the advocacy groups to be a bit more creative in soliciting donations. Take these for example:


There’s clear transparency on where your money goes and what it will do. It feels like, well, shopping. And that’s the beauty of a unique platform such as this. Lazada isn’t just offering a platform for the advocacy groups, they’re also changing the mindset of how people look at donations and the act of donating. It’s easier, more convenient, and no one is guilt-tripping you to drop a few coins here and there. Transparent, convenient, secure. Exactly like how online shopping should be but, with a bit of social good. Good job, Lazada. You made our hearts merry in time for the Holiday season. 😊