Schneider Electric unveils the APC Gaming UPS for uninterrupted gaming

Designed for esports pros and enthusiasts.

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When you’re gaming, the worst thing that could happen is a power interruption right in the middle of a match. When that happens, it’s automatically a ruined game (plus penalties) if you don’t have the proper equipment. If you just have a standard AVR or outlet for your PC, what you need is an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). With a UPS, even when a power interruption happens, your PC will still be able to run thanks to the device’s onboard battery.

Not just any UPS will work for the esports pros and enthusiasts though. If you’re plenty serious about gaming, what you need is the APC Gaming UPS by Schneider Electric.

Used by pro teams such as Miraculum Gaming, the APC Gaming UPS will guarantee that your PC will not lose power ASAP in case of a blackout, giving you enough time to finish a game and avoid a penalty.

The APC Gaming UPS’ feature-set includes:

  • Battery backup and surge protector outlets
  • Sinewave power output* that ensures power quality without distortion or power drop during an outage
  • Two USB charging ports (Type C + Type A)
  • AVR with boost and trim
  • 1Gb network protection

The APC Gaming UPS is priced at PHP 29,995 and will be available at Complink, Easy PC, Gaisano Interpace, GameOne, JW Summit, Octagon, PC Express, PC Hub, PCWorx, Silicon, Smartasia, Thinking Tools, and Villman.