What to Expect at PVP Esports in Singapore Comic Con 2019

So much gaming goodness straight from SG!

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Greetings from SG, geeks and gamers! UnGeek is in Singapore right now to cover all the awesomeness that will be going down during the PVP Esports event that will be happening right inside Singapore Comic Con!

PVP Esports will basically be your area for all things gaming and esports during the whole SGCC 2019. But what exactly are the awesome things you can look forward to in the PVP Esports Area? Let us break it down for you!

Intense ESports Action

PVP Esports will host the grand culminating events of Singtel’s PVP Corporate and Campus Leagues. The Corporate League Finals will feature teams from Malaysia (Team GTR), Thailand (Team Teletubbies), Indonesia (Xavier), and the Philippines (Realpage Esports) who will duke it out in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Dota 2 for a sweet SGD 5,000 prize pool PLUS SGD 20,000 that will go to charity. For the Campus League, you’ll be seeing tertiary schools from Singapore competing against one another in MLBB for SGD 20,000-worth of Cash and Prizes.


Hang out with your Favorite Gaming Personalities

While the fires of esports competition will rage on, you can definitely count on some hearty fun during the event. Various gaming activities will be happening and you can experience it as you hang out with some of your favorite gaming persnalities! Topias ‘Topson’ Taavitseinen from OG (who, in case you didn’t know was the team who claimed TI Championships back-to-back), Alodia Gosiengfiao, Riku, Bianca Yao, Faraz, Shu Faye, and MANY MANY MORE will all be in attendance doing meet and greets, on-stage challenges, match-ups, etc! PVP Esports looks to truly be a celebration of all things gaming and esports!


Learn more about the Industry

We’re all about fun but there are some huge learning opportunities here in PVP Esports! There will be talks during the event where we can hear from experts from Blizzard Entertainment and Huawei. There will also be two exclusive panel discussions about streaming and content creation for all of you who are looking to get into it! With all the huge names that will be present, you can be sure that there will be a wealth of valuable knowledge and experience that will be shared during the event.


Don’t Miss Out

There will be tons of epic fun that will be happening in PVP Esports and Singapore Comic Con and, while it would be best if you were here in Singapore to experience it yourself, there are plenty ways for you to not miss out on all this gaming goodness. Here’s how!

  • The PVP Community Leagues’ Grand Finals as well as other onsite action will be broadcasted at facebook.com/pvpesportsgg and twitch.tv/pvpesportsgg
  • Be sure to check out the Social Media pages of your favorite gaming personalities who will be present in PVP Esports. You can be sure that they’ll be sharing their event experiences as well.
  • Keep it here at UnGeek! We will be reporting the sights and sounds of PVP Esports and SGCC. We’re even doing a Facebook Live during the event to bring all the awesomeness STRAIGHT TO YOU. So be sure to check out our website and socials regularly to stay updated!


See ya’ll tomorrow for Day 1!