RUMBLE ROYALE is holding ‘Full Support!’ — a Charity Stream for Taal Victims

RR is giving back to the community once again!

UPDATE: 01-25-2020: The Charity Stream Community day has been moved to February 1

With the continuing eruption of the Taal Volcano, a lot of people have been displaced from their homes. In order to give back to those in need of help, RUMBLE ROYALE, the biggest gaming community in the Philippines, is holding the ​FULL SUPPORT: a Charity Stream Event​ for the Taal Volcano eruption victims.

Full Support is an event where various RUMBLE ROYALE talents do a star-for-a-cause livestream from January 16 to January 26. All Facebook starts collected during the Full Support event will be given to the Philippine General Hospital, Department of Surgery​, which will then forward the proceeds towards helping the Taal eruption victims.

The RR streamers part of the event are:

  1. Alpha Twentyfour
  2. BobongGamer
  3. FrheaJaimil
  4. DrInstinct Gaming
  5. Van Holiday
  6. Worrybear
  7. kuyadenmark101
  8. Remi.TV
  9. Icey
  10. Yalu_ok
  11. Lovie
  12. enzotense
  13. Jules Carmann
  14. Salty Salad Bonbon
  15. Razzie Binx
  16. ZEN Pro Gaming
  17. LouRaux TV
  19. Exile Giee
  21. Karlo Gaming
  22. VMiguel Gonzales
  23. Peinn
  24. LadymadeStar
  25. Jayzee Gaming
  26. suzzysaur
  27. Moymoy Palaboy
  28. ilyngaming

On January 26 February 1, 2020 at 1PM (the last day of Full Support), RUMBLE ROYALE will hold a Community day at the ​Esports Center, Eastwood Mall​. At the Community Day, everyone is invited to attend and give non-monetary donations to the Taal eruption victims. Aside from the donation drive, attendees will also get a chance to play various games with their favorite Rumble Royale streamers and influencers.

Attendees of the community day are encouraged to donate the following items:

  • Feeding bottles
  • Wipes
  • Diapers
  • Blankets
  • Clothes
  • Slippers / Footwear
  • Rice, ready-to-eat and non-perishable food
  • Medical supplies (N95 masks, rubbing alcohol)

For more info on the event, visit the RUMBLE ROYALE official Facebook page.