‘Shin Sakura Taisen’ anime series gets a new trailer and key visual

Premiering this April!

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Announced back in Tokyo Game Show 2019, we finally have our first look at the upcoming anime series, Shin Sakura Taisen; and it’s reveal comes just recently after the Japanese release of the new Sakura Wars game.

Watch the new trailer here (no English subs yet though):

In case you’re unfamiliar, Shin Sakura Taisen is an upcoming anime series based on the new Sakura Wars game on the PS4. Shin Sakura Taisen is also the latest anime adaptation in the Sakura Wars series, with the first TV series airing back in 2000. That particular series was based on the original Sakura Wars game, much like how Shin Sakura Taisen is based on the latest.

As for how the original and the new series are connected, the new Sakura Wars anime is set after the events of the original anime and OVAs. Given that Shin Sakura Taisen is considered to be a soft reboot of the series, this means series newbies will have no trouble following the anime.

Aside from the new trailer, the key visual for Shin Sakura Tensei was also unveiled:

Shin Sakura Taisen premieres in Japan this April. As for the game that the series is based on, the Sakura Wars title was released in Japan back in October. Its international English release is slated for Q2 2020.

Source: Anime News Network