So you just got a Nintendo Switch Lite? Here’s 5 things you should definitely consider!

Some essentials to pack for the Lite.

Well look at you, I guess you finally got yourself a Nintendo Switch (or someone else got it for you) and a Switch Lite might I add. A gift form the holidays perhaps? Well, congratulations and welcome to the fold, the great outdoors beckons to you, after all the best way to play the Switch Lite is anywhere!

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To quote from our previous article about the Nintendo Switch “With great hardware comes some really great stuff that you can do and add with it!”. The Switch Lite comes with great hardware, comes some necessary great stuff that you can’t do without if you’re going to be outdoorsy about it! Better safe than sorry I say and you’ll probably need these items in the long run if you’re going to be playing your Switch Lite primarily outdoors.

Screen Protector

The Switch lite is one of the most durable handheld console on the market! Don’t believe me then check out JerryRigEverything’s durability test on the Switch lite. Nonetheless if you scratch the screen then its there for life so do yourself a favor and get your device a screen protector.

Switch Lite Carrying Case

Before you go out and get your carrying case you need to consider somethings first. Are you getting a Switch Lite Grip or a Protective (soft or hard) Case for your Switch or both because whatever accessory or accessories you get will determine the size of the carrying case.


Another essential piece of accessory you’re gonna want is of course a powerbank. The official powerbank brand for the Nintendo Switch is Anker and this is because of some weird standard nintendo has with its USB Power Delivery. For more information on this check out Wulff Den’s video about it.

Extra Controller

Although the Switch Lite is as durable as it gets when it comes to handheld consoles there is still the issue of wear and tear and with that you are going to want to get an extra controller for it and also some games are just better off playing using the pro controller.

Thumb Grip Caps

The Switch Lite comes with white buttons and thumb sticks a color that is a magnet for dirt so getting thumb grip caps will help preserve its original color. I currently can’t find anything to cover up the D-Pad buttons that’ll work well with the Switch Lite however Skull & Co. does have the button caps for the A,B,X,Y buttons. How about you guys, what are your Switch Lite accessories? drop us a comment here on (updated 03/04/2020)

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