The ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Impact is now available in the Philippines

Need a new motherboard? This might do the trick!

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Need a new motherboard for your gaming rig? ASUS Republic of Gamers recently announced the Philippine release of the ROG Crosshair VIII Impact. The said motherboard is available now in the Philippines, and it should be a good match for smaller rigs.

The ROG Crosshair VIII Impact’s killer feature is 6 GHz overclocking for with the new AMD Ryzen 3950X processor. The board also features a unique power design, as well as the ability to handle the payload of an ATX motherboard in a Mini-DTX form factor.


For gamers who have (or are looking to upgrade to) an AMD Ryzen 3950X CPU, the ROG Crosshair VIII Impact might just be the perfect board to pair it with. ASUS’ overclocking team was able to push the 3950X’s clock speed to 6,003 MHz (6 GHz) on the Crosshair VIII Impact, as measured by CPU-Z. For reference, the 3950X’s base clock speed is 3.5 GHz, with a maximum boosted clock speed of 4.7 GHz.

Aside from its impressive overclocking ability, the ROG Crosshair VIII Impact will also be able to handle the equivalent load of an ATX-size motherboard, even if it’s based on the Mini-DTX form factor. Thanks to this, gamers with small form-factor rigs can enjoy uncompromised performance.

The ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Impact is available now in the Philippines with an for PHP 23,320. This board initially available in the following stores: ROG Concept Stores, Complink, Davao Futurebright Enterprises, IT World – Lazada, JDM Techno Computer Center, PC Hub, PC Quickbuys, Strategic Technologies, Tech2027 – Lazada, and Thinking Tools.

To celebrate the launch,  ROG will reward the first 10 buyers an ROG swag pack, containing a ROG drawstring bag, ROG writing notebook, ROG passport holder, and ROG lanyard. The offer will last until February 1, 2020. The first 10 customers who have purchased the board locally can submit their details here to get their freebies: