The New ASUS Platinum Protection Warranty offers unparalleled protection for your new ASUS or ROG Laptop.

More important, they protecc. ASUS amps its Laptop protection and warranty service.

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ASUS did the unprecedented and upped their already lauded Premium Care 2 Year Global ASUS/ ROG Warranty by adding another layer of protection. The Platinum Protection Warranty takes ASUS Philippines’ service innovation up a notch and will be a welcome factor for anyone looking for a new Laptop from the Taiwan powerhouse.

Aside from offering usual wear and tear protection, factory defects, sudden mishaps by the machine upon purchase of an ASUS or ROG Laptop, the new ASUS Platinum Protection Warranty (PPW) offers accidental damage coverage within the first year of the warranty – at no additional cost!

Pretty much a first in the industry, it means that if you suddenly drop your laptop cause of clumsiness or you accidentally spill your Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte all over it, the ASUS Platinum Protection Warranty will cover service and a huge portion of parts replacement cost.

In fact, the Asus Platinum Protection Warranty even covers up to electrical damages and adding Acts of God like earthquake, floods and typhoon as part of the qualification. Pretty much, whatever happens to your laptop on the first year, you know ASUS’ got your back!

You will shoulder 20% of replacement cost, though – which, if you think of it is pretty much the same insurance works. Think of it as participation fee.  This makes the ASUS Platinum Protection Warranty almost work like an insurance that you did not have to pay the premium from the beginning.

All ASUS, ROG and ExpertBook Laptops purchased from January 1, 2020 onwards are eligible for the ASUS Premium Protection Warranty and can be claimed within the first year of active warranty period.

One of the things ASUS did over the years was setting up authorized service partners across more than 60 cities all over the Philippines .Right now there are 99 Authorized Service Partners ready to take your beaten Laptop and make them brand-spanking new (as long as they’re under the PPW coverage, of course).

You can combine the PPW and the current running ASUS Premium Care package to ensure that your newly acquired Laptop gets the most protection it can. The ASUS Premium Care also lets you take advantage of any of their 99 Authorized Service Partners to maintain the state of your laptop –ensuring longer lifespan and improved overall performance.

(center) Mr. Lenny Lin, ASUS Philippines Business Development Manager for Gaming PC

“2019 was a BIG year for ASUS, and more so for ASUS Philippines. Year after year, we launch innovative products and introduce exciting promos for our end-users, and now, we welcome a new decade, we focus our first efforts of 2020 towards launching a new after-sales service that will help all our new ASUS users enjoy and have a worry-free experience with their laptops. With the ASUS Platinum Protection Warranty, we assure our fans that we will be with them every step of the way,” closes Mr. Lenny Lin, ASUS Philippines Business Development Manager for Gaming PC.

For more on this amazing after-sales service, check out the official ASUS Website HERE.