5 Things to enjoy with your double data from PLDT Home WiFi Prepaid

This Valentine’s, Pwede All for your family bonding!

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This February, show your love to your family by getting the fastest, most affordable, and family-sized home internet for your household as PLDT Home WiFi Prepaid.

With twice the data allocation for FamLoad 199, 599, 999, 1499 you can get as much as 200GB a month for your PLDT Home WiFi Prepaid.  You and your family can bond over more of your favorites online—Pwede All sites and apps for more things to watch, stream, play, and more!

Here’s all you can do with your family, thanks to PLDT Home WiFi’s double data allocation:

  1. Watch more because pwede all of your favorite TV series and movies

What better way for everyone to bond than by watching great movies and series online? With more data, you get to stream more titles from your favorite video streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, iFlix, iWant, and so much more. Remember, Pwede All!

  1. Video calls pwede for all your loved ones

For families abroad, this is the best way to bond and show them some love – online video call! Chat nonstop and catch up with each other via Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, LINE, or any other messaging app, because Pwede All!

  1. Family soundtrip pwede for all your favorite music

Listening and singing along to music everyone loves—especially music from childhood—is also a great way to spend time with the family. Stream your favorite songs and albums nonstop from Spotify or any other music streaming service, and feel the hours fly by when you start singing.

  1. Playing online games together pwede for all members of the family

Online games are the ultimate Pwede All at home, because anyone can play anything together—whether it’s on a console, on a PC, or even just a casual mobile game on your smartphone! The possibilities and the memories made from gaming as a family are endless!

  1. Learning something new together pwede for all your hobbies and interests

The family that learns and makes things together, stays together. With more data, you can bond at home by watching how-to videos and making things, whether it’s cooking, baking, arts and crafts, and so much more. You literally can do anything with the information available online—Pwede All!

No matter how big or small your family is, there’s always a FamLoad data package that’s ideal for you and your budget. There’s FamLoad 15 with 1GB for 1 day, FamLoad 50 with 3GB for 3 days, FamLoad 199 comes with 24GB worth of data valid for 7 days, FamLoad 599 with 80GB data for 15 days, FamLoad 999 with 130GB for 30 days, and FamLoad 1499 with 200GB for 30 days.

With everything you can do on two times more data, it’s time to get your family a PLDT Home WiFi Prepaid now! Get one for only P995 at all PLDT and Smart Stores, Smart Online Store, SM Stores, and authorized dealers nationwide. Exclusively for Valentine’s weekend, you can buy the PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid at only P795 exclusively in Lazada from February 13 to 15 only. When you buy a new unit, you also get free 10GB worth of data valid for seven days with their PLDT Home WiFi Prepaid powered by Smart.