An absolute madman just played Death Stranding using a treadmill

Taking immersive gameplay to the extreme.

Playing a video game (that’s not an esport) isn’t exactly the most physically demanding way to spend your free time, and that can lead to a lack of exercise for people whose main hobby is gaming. To address this, YouTube Allen Pan combined gaming with exercise by turning a treadmill into a controller for Death Stranding.

Sure it might look silly, well it really is. But hey, he actually managed to make it work!

Watch the full video of Allen Pan’s Death Stranding treadmill gameplay here:

Don’t have time to watch? Well here’s how he did it: Pan took a busted treadmill and connected it to an Arduino chip (a single board microcontroller) to calculate his speed. The chip is then connected to two potentiometers that are set to activate once a certain speed is met — one for walking and one for running. When one of the potentiometers is activated, it sends a signal to a DualShock 4 controller, enabling Pan to control Sam Porter Bridges in Death Stranding.

As you can imagine, playing Death Stranding using a treadmill for controls is quite a workout. Plus, we can’t imagine a more immersive setup to play Death Stranding, unless you do it IRL like what this guy did:

Death Stranding IRL video is all the comedy that you’ll be needing today

Story via Kotaku