Here’s how to unlock Deadpool’s secret skin in Fortnite

Maximum effort not needed.

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Fortnite’s Season 2 Chapter 2 is now live and with a new season comes a whole set of changes to the game! Check out what’s new from their latest trailer “Top Secret” below:


The latest update introduces a spy thriller theme similar to those found in your typical James Bond movies. They added 5 new bases where you can infiltrate and cop all those shiny loot. It is also the season that they introduced ‘henchmen’ NPC’s who patrol the new areas of the map.

But that’s not all they brought in the new season, did you catch a certain Marvel mercenary during the trailer?


Yep! That’s D-Piddy himself, showing for a fraction of a second while Mr. Peely is changing to his tux. It came as a surprise to loyal players as well as myself, as I did not expect Deadpool appearing to be part of the new trailer. Although Marvel has had previous collaborations with Fortnite before, this bit actually came bundled with the latest update.


Checking the screenshot above, it seems that he’s more than just a cameo in the game because it looks like we can actually acquire Wade’s skin to use in Battle Royale!¬†Here’s how you can get it:


First thing’s firstGet Fortnite’s Battle Pass

To be honest, this is what I like about Fortnite. Ever since the beginning they didn’t follow the gatcha lootbox mechanic which is quite evident on a lot of games right now. For a one-time purchase of roughly $10, you unlock the battle pass which simply put, is a progression system where you always get something unique as you go up in level (up to 100). By getting the pass and going through the game’s challenges, you are assured to get everything for that season. What’s actually even better here is that you get around a 1000 V-Bucks (the game’s currency) per season, which is more than enough for you to sign-up for the another battle pass for the following season. Sweet!

So yeah, I really urge you to get the battle pass. It gives more bang for your play time.


Second Step –¬† Access Deadpool’s quarters on the Battle Pass tab.

It really is not that hard to spot (its just on the middle-right of the Battle Pass tab). Click the ventilation fan and from there you will be swooped into Deadpool’s makeshift quarters, which is really just a comfort room.


Third Step – Access Deadpool’s computer

By clicking on Deadpool’s computer, you will have access to a list of challenges that I assume gets updated every week. For now here’s the challenges available:

  1. Find/Read Deadpool’s letter to Epic Games
  2. DO NOT thank the bus driver (seriously, don’t)

And that’s that! Make sure to check back on his room each week, because it is pretty safe to say that we’ll be getting his skin (and probably a back bling and/or pickaxe) once all the challenges have been met.


Fortnite’s Season 2 Chapter is now ready to play. See you on the Battle Bus and keep on gaming!