This animatronic Baby Yoda is just way too cute!

Already sold out in some stores though.

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The Mandalorian is easily one of our favorite shows of 2019 thanks to its well-executed, western-inspired story; not to mention that the effects and music were top-notch as well. Though what really made us love the new Disney+ series is no doubt “The Child” aka Baby Yoda.

I mean, how could you not love him?!?!

Well if you’re one of the millions of people in love with Baby Yoda, Disney has heard you. There’s finally an upcoming Baby Yoda animatronic figure that’s a must-have for The Mandalorian fans!

Standing at 10 inches tall, the animatronic Baby Yoda figure is made by Hasbro, and will be released later this year for USD 60 (around PHP 3,054). While not the cheapest collectible, the Baby Yoda animatronic figure can move his head, ears, and arms, as well as blink. The best feature for me though is that when you lay him down, he’ll close his eyes and take a Force Nap. Overall, it’s just way too cute to pass up!

Want to get your own? While pre-orders were opened a few days ago, it seems that the animatronic Baby Yoda is currently sold out in the official Disney Store and on Amazon. Pre-orders are still available in Target and Walmart though. In the Philippines, the figure is available for pre-order in various stores such as Hubbyte for PHP 3,315 (PHP 3,900 SRP).