Is the Samsung Space Monitor a good display for gaming?

Let's see if this monitor is up to the task!

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Recently, we got our hands on the Samsung Space Monitor (32 SR75 4K UHD), a display that’s designed to save space on your desk, giving you more room for your work space. The Space Monitor’s design isn’t the only thing premium about it though; the display is actually quite high-end as it comes with a 4K UHD resolution and large 32-inch size.

Given its 4K resolution and attractive design, we wondered how it’ll fare for gaming. Sure, the Samsung Space Monitor is designed first and foremost for productivity, but we here at UnGeek love gaming just as much as we love being productive, so we just had to test it out for some PC and console gaming.

Though before we dive into the Space Monitor’s gaming capabilities, let’s take a quick tour of the display’s design.

This Samsung monitor is billed as a space-saver, and it does so by having a unique stand that clamps onto the end of your desk, meaning the stand will barely take any space on your desk (especially compared to conventional monitor stands). Aside from saving space, the stand is also highly-adjustable as you can tilt and raise/lower the monitor with ease.

The space-saving benefit of the Space Monitor isn’t just for working professionals though, the design is also convenient for gamers with small desks, or for those with bulky peripherals (or maybe a large mouse mat). On the flip-side though, the Space Monitor’s clamp mechanism won’t work for all desks, meaning your existing desk may not support it.

Thanks to its design, the Space Monitor is one of the sleekest displays we’ve seen; what also helps it maintain its clean look is the concealed cable design for the HDMI/power cable. With this design, not only does the monitor look sleek, it’s also prevents the cable from tangling.

With the quick design tour out of the way, let’s move on to gaming!

With its 4K resolution, the Samsung Space Monitor delivers great image quality when playing games on the PS4 Pro, especially for games that support 4K (checkerboard) output such as Death Stranding. For singleplayer console titles, the Space Monitor also proved fairly responsive.

Switching over to PC, triple-A titles such as Nier Automata were also quite gorgeous. Even popular esports titles like Overwatch or Dota 2 also looked great.

There are a couple of things holding it back from being an excellent monitor option for games though. One of those is its refresh rate of only 60Hz, meaning gamers used to high refresh rate displays will be disappointed. Another is the lack of HDR support, a feature that’s a must to fully enjoy HDR-enabled titles. Finally, the Space Monitor does not have an onboard speaker. While we recommend external speakers/headphones anyway, having speakers inside the monitor is still a back-up audio option we would’ve wanted to see.

Of course, the lack of the above mentioned features aren’t exactly surprising considering the Space Monitor is not designed with gaming as a priority. So where does the Space Monitor excel? Well, it’s great for multimedia and for productivity!

If you use your PC as your main multimedia center to watch movies/TV shows, the Space Monitor is a great match. For binge-watching, this Samsung monitor is top-notch as it has a sharp output with great colors; plus it gets plenty bright too and has wide viewing angles.

At the end of the day though, the Samsung Space Monitor is the best for productivity. If you’re a content creator who edits photos/videos, or if you’re a creative professional in whatever field that requires heavy PC use, the Space Monitor is an excellent display choice thanks to its multi-tasking capabilities and space-saving design.

Going back to our initial question — is the Samsung Space Monitor a good display for gaming? Well yes, it’s a perfectly fine display for gaming; but if gaming is your top priority, there are better choices out there. Though if you’re main use case is productivity just with a bit of gaming on the side, the Samsung Space Monitor is definitely worth considering.

The Samsung Space Monitor is priced at PHP 30,599. Find out more about the monitor at Samsung’s official website.